Amcrest 960H Video Security System Review

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Why should we have security cameras?

Amcrest 960H is considered as one of the best suitable for your home and office surveillance. Security Cameras are one of the most acclaimed tools to keep a check on one’s property or business. Out of the many security surveillance systems,They can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Security Cameras have successfully used to prove various crimes such as theft, burglaries, arson, trespassing, etc.

The market is flooded with various brands of security camera systems. Of all the kinds of security systems available, The Amcrest 960H Video Security System tops the list as it is much uncomplicated and has highly proficient framework. It has an edge over all the other security systems due to its exquisite design characteristic and viable parts you get with the container, thus providing superlative results and performance.

At present, there are about 12 security camera systems available in the market. They are day and Night, Outdoor, IR, Dome, Bullet, Convert, Discreet, Varifocal, Wireless, Network/IP, High Definition Cameras and PTZ/Speed Domes. Each system has a unique characteristic and satisfies a different requirement.

However, one general objective of any security system is to keep an eye on your house/property/business while you are away and watch all the activities remotely. This will help a person to have complete control over his place even if he is not physically present there.

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Major Features:

Weighing just 11 pounds, the components of this exceptional item are very ample. Include a cool, stylish look and you have a decent beginning to an extraordinary framework.

  • It’s the best element is the 4 High-Resolution 800+ TVL IP66 Heavy-Duty Metal Weatherproof Cameras. It has an additional feature of IR-LED night vision ability.
  • It has a preinstalled memory of 500GB.This can also be extended up to 3TB (where 1 TB = 1000 GB) when paid. With the supreme storage capacity, one can enjoy the benefit of 6 days of normal recording. With the combination of cameras with high resolution, one can enjoy a crisp and consistent security for office and home.
  • The Amcrest Link Application operates perfectly with iPhone, iPad and other Android mobiles in order to let recording as well as viewing using a widescreen.

Apart from these, there are well-ordered parts such as power cables, user manuals, 720p DVR motherboard, foot cables and obviously the projectile cameras with a proficient power splitter and mounting equipment.

Amcrest 960H


  • The four cameras with high resolution work easily with the brilliant recording highlight. You won’t discover slacks or defers in execution from either. This is sure to catch all points of interest at all times. Also, there is a superlative quality of video and audio.
  • The major need for the security cameras is to monitor the activities during the night when there are high chances of risk. In order to improve the night’s vision, there is a 24-IR-LED.
  • One can monitor the system and view its activities in a smartphone, (iOS or Android) for one full year with the courtesy of Foscam Digital Tech.
  • It can cover really long distances of about 984 feet by using the transmission range.
  • There is an availability of CE & FCC certification for the entire collaboration. This shows that the Amcrest 960H Professional Video Security System’s power supply is UL compliant. In addition to this, there is a one-year warranty period for this product (excluding American citizens).


  • If handled in a rough way, the motherboard will not function properly. Scratches, dropping and wrong way of handling the device can slow the performance of the system and cause bad results.
  • The security camera system has to be kept in a room with good ventilation or air conditioning as there are high chances of overheating of the motherboard.

So far we have discussed only a small a small glimpse of the product. There are many more interesting features in this product than that is yet to be seen. To call this system “ingenious” underrates its quality. Although, it has more advantages than disadvantages in real life, all the required information about this system is given in a single page that saves a lot of time in turning the pages thus making a person completely familiar with the Amcrest 960H Video Security System.

In the case of any queries, the experts give extraordinary advice in a detailed manner such that even a person with no knowledge about the security system can easily ride along with it. Once a person gets familiar with this system, he has equipped himself with an unparallel comfort of security system that is totally worth the money spent.

When all factors are taken into consideration, there is a very small lacking in the fundamental and propelled abilities of this framework. Documentation is extremely exhaustive, but documentation is elegantly composed and displayed at a level most first-time clients will have the capacity to get it without much difficulty.

The controls are extremely instinctive, verging on the programme, and the cameras deliver clear video. At 960H (higher than normal) the Amcrest 960H Video Security System is superior to any other focused brands prevailing in the market. Thus, this Security system protects the property/house with its eagle eye thereby preventing any kind of unlawful action.

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