Reviewing Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR


Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR is a manufactured by Defender which is one of the leading manufacturers of video security systems in USA and Canada. Hence, one can prevent or rather threaten thieves or any unauthorized visitors from entering into his/her premises by installing Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR. Four cameras are included as part of this security kit, render remarkable performance in terms of night vision also and hence is considered as one of the most dependable security camera system available in the market for an affordable budget. This security system is carefully designed for outdoor use.

Product Description

Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR includes a 500 GB hard drive, using which the user can save the footages without hassle. This security kit comprises of 4 cameras that provide ultra high-resolution video recording.These cameras are accompanied by 65 feet a long cable, which enables the buyer to mount these cameras around the house or building and provide a lot of flexibility. One of the key components of this kit is the Digital video recorder (DVR).

Key Features

To start with, the cameras are lit with 36 Infrared LED bulbs. This feature is vital for an extensive coverage in the night vision mode, especially in the case of outdoor surveillance. The night mode is activated automatically. The videos are captured with a high resolution of 600 TVL. As soon as the camera is setup, the user will start getting notifications along with the snapshot by email whenever any activity is detected. Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR includes 8 channels which enable the user to strengthen the security system by attaching 4 more cameras. A quick start guide is provided along with the product aiding the user to understand the device and its installation procedure. In addition to this, a mini CD is also provided with the kit that contains PDF files to guide the user further with detailed instructions.


  • These outdoor cameras are capable of recording videos with the coverage of about 100 feet in night vision.
  • With the help of H.264 compression, one can record over 2 years’ data on the 500 GB hard drive provided.
  • The user can record ultra high-quality videos using these surveillance cameras. One can easily identify the visitor with the clear and crisp pictures.
  • With the help of the icon-based menu, the user can easily set up these cameras.
  • The user can remotely watch the household or workplace online using PC, MAC or smartphones. These videos are compatible with iPhone, iPad or smart phones with Symbian, Blackberry, Android and Windows Operating systems.
  • These cameras do not fail to intimate the user when any video loss is experienced. These notifications are very critical to the user.
  • Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR comes with weatherproof cameras which keep the security active irrespective of the weather conditions. These cameras are built with sunshades, which is helpful in preventing glare.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime live customer support either by e-mail, telephone or live web chat (though limited to standard business hours). The buyer can take expert opinions for any issue with the product or any queries related to installation and so on.
  • Most importantly, user does not have to pay any fees for the remote access facility offered by the security system.
  • These cameras can be mounted either on the wall or on table-top.
  • The videos captured by these cameras are good even while zoomed.
  • This product also supports Universal plug and play option.


  • The captured snapshots or images look distorted when attempting to zoom.

Unique, remarkable with intuitive features!

There are plenty of surveillance systems available in the market. However, Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR stands unique and remarkable with regards to its intuitive features. It so happens that the user invests a lot of money on such surveillance cameras and the thieves steal the cameras itself, leaving the buyer disappointed. Defender Sentinel 8CH 500GB Smart Security DVR is provided with 65 feet cable that runs through the mounting interface to the wall. Needless to mention, the product is quite reasonably priced taking into account the security and peace of mind it offers to the buyer.

No wonder why this product is widely recommended by happy users and that is a clear stamping statement for the worthiness of the security camera. With motion activated object recording features and H.264 compression features that can help to maximize the storage space, and option to view at your convenience anywhere make this camera one of the best option to buy and value for money. Hence, with so many smart features it would be appropriate to label this product as ‘a genuine defender’ of your home or workplace!

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