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Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera Review


Safety and security are one of the most essential things that all of us desire to have at our home and office.  When you are gone out of your home for personal or professional reasons, someone’s got to be taking care of your home. These days, you got plenty of options in the form of security video camera devices that are simple to use, easy to install, and extremely versatile. One of the security cameras that can take care of all your security requirements is this Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera

In this review, we will read about the Piper security camera with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera, which has been manufactured by iControl Networks. The portable security device does what it has to, which is to take care of your home without any monthly fees. The HD camera is day and night functional, also, come with optional wireless accessories.  With these features, you can easily hear and see what is happening around your home from the comfort of your office or wherever you are located.

You are alerted by text, phone, emails, and push mail notifications. That ensures that you are always updated on the surroundings, which is a splendid thing as it gives you the peace of mind. One thing you would really admire about Piper camera is that, the makers have very thoughtfully designed it in such a way, that it can avoid the pitfalls that normally other security systems fails to deliver.

Let us find out what else it can do for your home.

Piper Camera Reviews

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The Piper Security Camera with 180-degree Video Camera, Night Vision comes with a wide range of features that ensures your family is safe.

You have pets, no issues

Many of you have pets including dogs, cats, birds, etc., and you need to leave them at home while you are on your official duty.  When you are concerned about your pets and want to make sure that they are doing well all you need to use your smartphone or tablet and say hello.

Isn’t that awesome?

There is a real time built in audio speaker in Piper camera which comes with the security device through which you can talk to your beloved pets. You can also record and see up to what mischief your pets are up to all day. You are alerted if there is any activity on your doors or windows.

Ideal for all kinds of homes

Whether you are residing in your own home or rent, you need not worry about drilling holes or having wires installed. There are no monthly subscription fees required compared to most other security systems costing $30-60/mo.

It is versatile as you can use it for Z-wave products to control your door/window sensors and lighting. However, for a better camera for night vision and fast processor, you will need to shell out $67. Setting up is not difficult. You need to follow the instructions and follow accordingly. Once you have set up the Piper home security camera you need to download the app from Google play or iOS app store.

Piper camera comes with four modes which include away, vacation, stay, and off. You have to set the choice of features on the camera depending on your requirements. The alarm sounds are loud enough to get the attention of those living nearby. A 105 decibel (dB) siren is blasted when your home security is breached. You can use the microphone to communicate with anybody in your house.

The app is extremely useful, with notifications sent regularly. This feature will be solely loved by frequent travelers or those who have a sick person at home, who needs constant attention. You just know that the individual is doing well as you can keep track of them. However, you will want to ensure that you glue your sensors properly. Otherwise, they will keep falling off and cause constant alarms, much to your annoyance.

The Z-wave is certainly another indispensable feature of Piper security camera. The 180-degree night vision is a very excellent feature that lets you see at night. When you want to monitor your children, pets, and elderly, then the 180-degree view camera helps you easily. Here are your system requirements which enable the security device to work. You have to keep the internet on always with Wi-Fi of minimum upload speed of 0.8 Mbps. You will require an iOS running with least iOS 7 (iPhone, iPod Touch. iPad).

The power source includes 3AA battery backup and 7.5Watts AC or DC adapter which comes with every Piper camera.

Highlighted Features

No fees:  There are any contracts or monthly fees required for this home security system. So this will reduce your initial cost of investment on activation.

Night vision: The Piper security camera comes with an immerse view lens that has180 degree HD resolution, night vision, and recording features. This is also helpful when there is insufficient light in the room, and you want to monitor what is happening indoors.

Motion detection: There is 2-way audio, motion detection sensor that can detect changes in humidity, temperature, light, etc.  The camera is further supported with a 105 dB siren. Whenever a motion is detected, immediately you are alerted through your handheld device.

Wi-Fi: It can easily connect through Wi-Fi, high-grade SSL video encryption, battery backup, which is compatible with Z-Wave wireless accessories.


  • The security device is cost effective as it does not require you to sign up any contract or monthly fees.
  • It comes with extremely powerful HD camera that provides you with an 180-degree view of your property including night vision.
  • It is very simple to use as you are alerted through notifications and emails.
  • Wide angle lens is enough to give you good coverage.
  • Motion detect alert is supported with mobile alert and also 105 dB siren.


  • The video quality of the device is a lot left to be desired. Probably this was one of the biggest complaints, with several customers whining about it.
  • You will want to know that this system works only if your router is working. If it is not, then your home is vulnerable. There should be a solid connection with your router.
  • It is not a complete security solution as described.  You also must self monitor it.

Product ranking and rating

piper z wave camera

The Piper Home Security Camera with night visioin, 180-degree Video Camera has got an excellent 3.8 out of 5 stars. They have also received 359+ customer reviews, most all positive which is good.  Simple and easy operation features improve its customer acceptability.

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To sum up, the Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera does an excellent job of protecting your home. Right from the time you install and shutdown Piper camera, you feel a bond with the device, which is a very good thing. After all, it is going to take care of your home, when nobody is inside.

However, you will want to know that you have to spend extra money to have the same kind of security features that are available on the market. Worse, it does not come with an IFTTT channel and does not have partnerships with third-party services apart from the Z-Wave integrations.


The Piper Security Camera is worth buying and using yourself.  It is not a complete ‘all in one’ security system as described but a good alternative to some of the top home security cameras. As you get use to it, you will understand to work out the limitations. When you are looking for a simple device that comes with strong automation integration and gives you with endless home security options, you have a winner here.


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