Favourite D-Link Camera for Home CCTV

Great features, strong software, solid home CCTV

D-Link are a large Taiwanese tech company that make cameras for the home. They manufacture home CCTV and IP cameras alongside their core networking products.

D-Link DCS-825LBaby Monitor£99.99HD 720p ResolutionWirelessSD card backupTwo-way Audio Amazon Discount

D-Link DCS5222L720p PTZ Camera£199.99HD 720p ResolutionWirelessSD card backupTwo-way AudioMotorised Pan-Tilt-ZoomAmazon Discount

D-Link DCS-935LWireless and HD£89.99HD 720p ResolutionWireless Two-way Audio Amazon Discount

D-Link makes business-class internet-protocol (IP) cameras in dome or bullet design. You may even work in an office or small business protected by a D-Link CCTV camera system.

Some of the features and know-how that go into these business CCTV products trickle down into D-Link’s great network cameras for home settings.

For super-easy installations, consider a D-Link wireless network camera. Or if your handy with a screwdriver and drill, consider a POE D-Link home network camera.

These D-Link IP cams offer wonderful features at a price many UK homeowners will find appealing.D-Link Camera network setup example

D-Link Camera DCS-5222L Pan/Tilt/Zoom High Definition Cloud Camera

DCS-5222l IP camera from D-LinkHigh resolution, wireless, Cloud access, onboard SD card recording AND fully motorised control of the camera through the D-Link apps? Yes please!

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The D-Link DCS-5222L or DLink DCS-5222L/B punches above it’s weight. For the price, it offers an intelligent feature set normally found on much higher end models.

We love the Pan / Tilt / Zoom function on this CCTV camera for the home. The remote implementation through the Mydlink software is fuss-free, and let’s you rotate and move the camera with a few clicks or taps. D-Link camera software is one of the big advantages of these IP cams. They’ve really put some effort into making it friendly for home security camera users.

Remote control of the camera let’s you scan hard to reach areas in the field of view, reducing the blind spots an intruder might try to exploit. Motorised PTZ is much better than digital panning and zooming as you don’t lose any image quality.

Speaking of image quality, this particular D-Link DCS-5222L camera does offer HD resolution and night-vision capability with IR illumination LEDs. Make sure you get the latest model revision – the newer DCS-5222L/B gets two infra-red LEDs and 2-way audio missing on the older model with the same part name.

Resolution in pixels is not the only contributing factor to image quality on a home CCTV system. Your security kit image will be impacted by the lens quality in the IP camera too.

I think the DLink DCS-5222L packs a decent enough CMOS sensor into this model PTZ camera. If you need to identify a face or read a distant car registration number, there are more powerful CCTV camera options.

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D-Link Camera – DCS-825L Wi-Fi HD Baby Monitor

Next up is the popular wireless D-Link DCS-825L or 825L camera that is primarily pitched as a baby monitor for families.

Sometimes known as the EyeOn range from D-Link, the DCS-825L is feature-rich and designed to be easy to use.

We feel in our review that the 825L is equally well suited to any number of other network camera for home uses, including watching a pet or monitoring a caravan.

The fun, bright golfball styling is a welcome relief from the crowd of other white plastic home CCTV contenders. Two-way audio means you can use your DCS-825L baby monitor to talk and chat with whoever is at the other end. D-Link baby monitor camera

Just wait until you try the chat feature with your dog for the first time – you will love it!

CCTV baby monitors offer that extra level of security over traditional, audio only monitors. You can check sleeping positions, and actually look at your child on screen if you hear an odd sound.

We like the apps and D-Link camera software because you can use an iOS device or any desktop computer to monitor a DCS825L video stream.

Do note that I had reservations about the DCS-825L reliability as a baby monitor.

Niggles aside, checking your D-Link camera stream in a browser at work when your new baby is at home is really fantastic.

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D-Link Camera – DCS-935L mydlink Home Monitor HD

D-Link DCS-935L home monitor CCTV camera for indoorsFor a sleeker, more unobtrusive home CCTV styling, consider the D-Link DCS-935L.

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At a glance, you might confuse the D-Link DCS-935L with the svelte, gloss white casing found on the Belkin Netcam HD.

Looks can be deceiving though, because the D-Link DCS-935L packs 2-way audio into an economical CCTV camera for the home.

We think this feature makes this solid mode from a D-Link network camera for home winner. It makes a reliable care monitor option if you’re looking for a security system to keep a watchful eye over a relative or loved one.

The styling is modest, and the mount is functional – this D-Link camera can be wall-mounted for a permanent fixing solution.

You don’t get the reassurance of an SD card backup on the camera, which is seen on the higher end models. Rather than streaming video wirelessly all day from your IP camera, some models have an option to record to back memory card.

However the Mydlink apps are easy to setup, the wireless D-Link camera means only a power cable is needed at startup, and a reliable Wifi connection at home means you can watch your stream anywhere, anytime.

D-Link camera software gives you good control over you network camera for home. Do bear in mind that sometimes any IP camera needs to be re-booted. You will need to ensure your own computer environment and phone apps are up-to-date for a reliable experience with any home CCTV camera.

The D-Link in home cameras do offer a good range of price points and features paired with D-Link camera software to make them accessible to novice users.

D-Link DCS-933L Securicam Wireless N Home IP Network Camera with Infra Red

Remember – not all UK home CCTV buyers need 720p HD resolution images.

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If you are happy to nudge down the resolution on your home security camera, the D-Link DCS-932L offers stonking value for a wireless IP camera you can access on the move.

The DCS-933L is small, unobtrusive and wireless, just like a more advanced D-Link wireless network camera. D-Link camera DCS-932L budget home indoor CCTV camera

It also streams to the same, easy to install Mydlink software, which makes your home CCTV camera installation a doddle.

Sure it doesn’t have Pan / Tilt / Zoom or an onboard memory card for backups.

This D-Link DCS-933L however ticks all the boxes for a simple, home wireless security camera that can monitor a room with motion detection.

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