KBC Networks EMEA Launches the New Ethernet Switch at Technology Open Day

KBC_ESMGS24-P4_Ethernet_switchLondon, UK 10th April 2014 KBC Networks unveiled its latest Ethernet switch to EMEA partners and end users at its recent Technology Day. The team also carried out demonstrations of KBC’s latest high throughput wireless range and ThruLink, which included streaming secure, live video from as far afield as Melbourne Australia, and as near as just 500m away from a quadcopter flying over its offices in Kent.

KBC’s new 24 + 4 port switch is a managed, Gigabit Ethernet switch with 24 PoE+ ports and 4 SFP ports. Available as a 1U rack unit, the switch is ideal for large-scale IP surveillance networks as well as applications requiring Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) functionality such as IP switches, routers and hubs, CCTV DVR, home networking and industrial Ethernet. Each of the PoE ports is 802.3at PoE compliant (up to 30W) satisfying the high power consumption requirement of a PoE IP camera.

For KBC’s New Director of Engineering, Clinton Bessesen, just 2 days into his new role, the open day served as an introduction to some of KBC’s customers and end users. “Today was invaluable for me. By sharing information and hearing what transmission issues our customers face, we can make sure we are addressing them correctly and developing the right products to solve those issues. Today, I’ve heard about everything from major government projects to mobile site surveillance, and have found some really exciting new applications for ThruLink.”

KBC’s technology day came ahead of its announcements about ThruLink which is currently undergoing a development programme. Those attending saw a preview of what’s to come for the secure, hardware VPN later this year which includes the launch of a family of ThruLink products as well as embedded 3/4G.

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