Reviewing the Wansview ncb543w and Wansview ncb541w Quick

When it comes to surveillance cameras, Wansview holds a prominent place. Wansview recently released some impressive products to the market and  Wansview ncb543w and Wansview ncb541w received a lot of attention. This article would review these two cameras in detail and let you know what they have got for you.

Wansview Ncb543w

The most unique feature in this product is that it comes along with a built-in webserver. Wansview Ncb543w can simply be defined as an outdoor wireless IP camera. It is compatible with M-JPEG Compression format as well and supports Plug and Play to make the life easy for its users. The waterproof case of this camera has received a lot of attention and it has contributed a lot towards the durability. The other impressive features of Wansview Ncb543w include its compatibility with Wi-FI, FTP, motion detection, UPNP, night vision and e-mail alarm.
Wansview Ncb543w ip cameraWansview Ncb543w Outdoor Wireless Ip Camera with Buit in Webserver

The videos captured by Wansview Ncb543w will be processed in MJPEG technology. It is compatible with VGA, QVGA and QQVGA formats as well. You can select them based on your specific needs and requirements. As mentioned earlier, the built-in web server has contributed a lot towards the popularity of this product. You can directly stream the videos captured by this product and view them through an internet browser while staying in a different part of the world.

The night vision capabilities of Wansview Ncb543w are impressive as well. The LED powered infrared technology has the ability to cover a 15m area under low light conditions. Since it is compatible with 802.11b/g/n protocol, you can easily connect this product to the Wi-Fi router at home. A central management system is provided along with the package and you can simply use it.

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Wansview NCB541W

The Wansview NCB541W is defined as a network night vision camera. It is recommended for indoor use. As a result, Wansview NCB541W cameras are being used in every corner of the world to monitor offices and homes. This camera comes along with a built-in microphone. As a result, a two way communication can easily be initiated with it. You can also connect this product to a speaker to facilitate a two way communication.

Wansview NCB541WWansview NCB541W

The pan and tilt functionalities that you can see in Wansview NCB541W are impressive. Therefore, you will be able to adjust this camera to 120 degrees vertically and 270 degrees horizontally. The manufacturer has also delivered a smart outlook to this camera and you would love to have it inside your home or office building. If you want to store the captured videos, you can simply insert a SD/MMC card to it. This surveillance camera also comes along with all the compatible software for free. You can use those software tools to enhance the functionality of the product. For example, they would help you with video replay, long time recording and multi-view. Wansview NCB541W is compatible with mobile phone view as well.

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