Some Tips to Evaluate and Buy a Wireless IP camera


The features available on the network surveillance cameras are continuously changing, but these are some of the basic things which a savvy wireless IP camera buyer should look for.

Field of view of wifi IP camera

The most of the wireless IP camera applications call for 240 degree field of view along with zoom capability of about 500 feet. In case more is required, the PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom) are available. The can provide a 360 degree view. But they can also cost about twice that of fixed cameras. Such IPcameras also require much more maintenance because of the moving parts.

Power over Ethernet is a new standard for surveillance camera power source

Using power over the Ethernet (POE) is a state of the art approach for the network IPcameras. It means one can power IPcamera via the same wire which sends IP signal. It saves about $300 for a surveillance camera. POE may not always be available on the PTZ cameras.  It is advised by Axis Communications to make sure that POE feature complies with IEEE802.3af standard. It is to ensure that it is compatible with the network switches from the leading vendors.

Consider bandwidth when selecting a wireless IP camera 

TMEZON 1.0 Mega Pixel 720P 1280*720P HD-IP Camera POE Weatherproof Outdoor Network ONVIF Security Surveillance IR Cut Camera Night Vision Bullet for NVR System Phone Remote View Power Over Ethernet
TMEZON 1.0 Mega Pixel 720P 1280*720P HD-IP Camera can be charged over Ethernet

Bandwidth can be a big issue, especially as the demand for networkIP cameras (especially for wireless IP cameras ) grows. The bandwidth consumptions can be reduced by addition of intelligence in the IPcamera, says the senior analyst of IMS Research, Simon Harris. For example, only some images may be forwarded. This would mean that the nonevents are not being recorded, resulting in non-recording of the needed context in some situations. It has to be used selectively. An example of a low bandwidth wireless IP camera is HawkCam Pro Best Home Security Camera & Nanny Cam by Falcon Watch.

According to Anthony Bastian, at AMS.Net, the camera manufacturers vary in bandwidth consumption. For example, he says, the packets sent from the cameras of Verint systems are almost half in size from those which are sent from the Sony video surveillance system. The MPEG4 compression algorithm is used in both video surveillance systems, but Sony has more overhead data.

Shoot for higher wireless IP camera resolutions

Mega pixel wireless IP camera has become quite common among the users. They offer many times

Fujikam FI-361 HD, Wifi, Video Monitoring, Surveillance, security camera,plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision

higher resolutions than that of VGA cameras. The user not only gets a clear image but also higher resolution may decrease quantity of cameras required. On the suggestion of Jim Gomper who is the founder of Gomper Technologies Design Group, Montgomery County Public Schools located in Maryland had invested in the megapixel cameras of IQInvision. The images were clearer than that from analog system and according to the safety and security director for school district, the images were blurry and could not be identified when analog system was in place.

Auto filtering means adjustable surveillance camera lenses

It is important to have a wireless IP camera with the adjustable lenses in order to control amount of light which is received.

Evertech EV-C942 V.10 1000TVL 1/3

This is important for image clarity in different lighting situations. It becomes even more important when a wireless IP camera is facing either east or west. Some of the organizations

may simply elevate the camera mounts, then angle downward in order to view horizon instead of incurring additional costs of the adjustable lenses.

Scalability is for large video surveillance system users

The companies which have large video surveillance system installations may require the equipment which is compatible with the tools that update, locate and monitor status of devices and also the IP addresses.

Choose open platforms

It is recommended to go for the vendors who fully comply with the industry standards, for example in areas of video compression and security. It is also advised to go for multiple supported software applications and open application programming interfaces.

Service/support should not be overlooked

You should choose a reseller or vendor who is able to quickly send the replacement parts and who can also readily offer the engineering support. Some wireless IP camera manufacturers sell indirectly via channel partners. This is quite common in IT industry, but not as much in video surveillance system industry. It requires getting used to for traditional security personnel.


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