The Review Of Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

Canary security cameraIs It A Worthy Device to Have At Home?


Homes are considered safe when you have a reliable security device that protects it from unwanted people or intruders. You need a device that is cheap but provides you with all the features which require you to ensure your privacy is not invaded. In this review, we will read about the Canary Security Camera and find out if it is really worth getting installed in your house.

The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device can be termed as more than just a surveillance camera. It comes with multiple sensors and a 1080p camera, provides a clear live streaming video which can be viewed through your smartphone, records events when motion is detected and monitors the air quality, temperature, and humidity levels in your house using Home health.

The Canary comes with a feature known as GEO fencing which enables it to activate and disarm itself. You can also view the 12 hours of video that has been recorded free of cost. Further, you can see more than that, but you will need to subscribe a premium cloud storage plan. It can be quickly set up and downloaded through the free app.

Let us read more and find out if the device is worth all the hype.

Product features

Canary product information

The Canary Security Camera is a beautiful looking cylinder shaped camera which measures 3 inches in diameter and 6 inches high. It can be bought in colors of black, silver, white, and weighs 0.87- pound. It looks appropriately modern as the front of the device holds a 1080p camera and a black panel that comes with a 147-degree viewing angle.

It also comes with 12 Infrared LEDs and a 3X zoom which enables night vision. You can view up to an impressive 25 feet. The back has an Ethernet port, a port used for creating a proper connection between the camera and a smartphone, and a micro USB power port. You know that the Canary camera is offline when you see a red color.

There is also an LED ring which is in red in color and blinks when searching for a network connection. The green color indicates, it is ready and yellow light is for disarmed. The security device comes with a 90 dB siren and a microphone. The Wi-Fi radio sends messages to your smartphone through the cloud storage.

All you need to do is plug the Canary Security Camera, connect it to the Internet, and download the app. There is no need to buy contracts or monthly fees. To install, you need to download the app, create an account using your email address. Provide your smartphone number. You can then set the security device according to your requirements and needs.

The only part where things might get delayed is when you have to establish a connection to your Internet and Smartphone. The auto-arm/disarm feature enables itself to arm and disarm itself. The need to keep setting it, again and again, it not there. The personalized safety net allows you to receive all the notifications which you should get.

Some of you might travel often or have some work or meetings you can set up the security device such that you are aware of the happenings in your home. Some of the properties of the security device include encryption features using AES 256 bit symmetric key, secure HTTP connection by using TLS or SSL and Cloud facilities by using VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

The packages

You will want to know that the makers of Canary have given a trial period that allows you to operate it and be able to access 100 video bookmarks, seven days of timeline history, and unlimited downloads. Then you are enrolled in the free starter plan that provides you with five bookmarks, three downloads, and 12 hours of timeline history.

You have few packages from Canary, which you can choose as per your convenience. The $9.99 monthly/$99 annual plan comes with 100 bookmarks, unlimited downloads, and a seven-day timeline. The $4.99 monthly/$49 annual plan gets you 25 bookmarks, unlimited downloads, and a two-day timeline. The $29.99 monthly/$299 annual plan you get unlimited bookmarks, a 30-day schedule, and unlimited downloads. Looks very fabulous and is matching to most of the family budget.

Highlighted features

white and black Canary security cameras

Night vision: It has 1080p HD camera, automatic night vision, 147-degree wide-angle lens, and high-quality audio.

Alarm: The alarm comes with motion-activated recording, 90+ dB siren, and optional professional monitoring, and auto-arm/disarm.

Home health feature: It monitors temperature, air quality, and humidity through the Home health feature which benefits your health.

Instant video alerts: Receive instant video alerts to your mobile through the cloud service.

No fees: No installation, contracts, and no monthly fees required. This is a unique feature of Canary Security Camera.

Free cloud storage: It provides free secure cloud storage.

  • It is very simple to install as it takes only a matter of minutes.
  • It comes with a sharp 1080p video.
  • It provides you with crystal clear night vision that is extremely useful to monitor your children and pets.
  • It can monitor the air quality.
  • Auto motion detection and alerts service.
  • Cylindrical shape and easy to place on a working table.
  • Live video alerts.
  • Can track indoor air quality.
  • Can check room temperature and humidity.
  • The cloud subscription plans are expensive.
  • There is no local storage available in the security device.
  • You will also want to know that it lacks two-way audio which is a common feature on many security appliances.

Product ranking and rating

The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device has received a good 3.8 out of 5 stars. You will be impressed with the fact that it has received 1,116 customer reviews who have commended it on its excellent looks and features. Considering the unique features and sharp contours, there is nothing to look beyond if you are decided to go for it.

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The Canary All-in-One Home Security Device is certainly a device that is worth having at home when you want to ensure that your surroundings are safe. It provides you with impressive video quality that also includes a highly detailed night vision mode. The Home health sensors are helpful and accurate.

However, you will also want to know that the over-sensitive motion sensor renders are unusable in many instances, and you cannot get text alerts when the power is not present. This is something which the makers will have to workout. You certainly do not want to be spending $250 on a product which cannot protect your home during a power outage.

When you need instant mobile alerts, live on-demand video, and sharp 1080p imagery, then you will want to consider this product. You can easily install it, and it tracks the air quality, room temperature, and humidity levels, in your home. You can also download and delete recorded videos by using Canary Security Camera.

The motion sensor is good, and the alarm is thunderous which automatically sets itself when you leave. PCMAG has voted it as ‘Editors’ Choice,’ which should tell you something about how popular it is. You will also want to know that the device can control other home automation devices.


It does keep track of your property with its powerful 1080p video capture. The bottom line is that the Canary All-in-One Home Security Device comes packed with powerful hardware and features. But, after usage, you might get a feeling deep down inside that you want to upgrade your security system unless you are financially broke.

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