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Security Camera System – What are the reasons to use?

Security camera system in businesses that some people may feel an intrusion of privacy but it gives a more secure environment for your business. So the installation of security camera system is essential to families and businesses.

Since, security camera system are now highly, affordable. The security camera systems are gaining in popularity, with business establishments and residential complexes.

security camera system


The installation of security cameras is essential to protect homes, property, and family. Also, if you are a business owner, the protection of your business may be equally important.

Buying the best security camera system can be a daunting task for people because of the wide varieties that are available in the market having distinct features and benefits. It becomes even more difficult for any buyer to get the security camera system one without proper research. However, there are lots of benefits of having a security camera system installed at home.

Security Camera System

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Here are some of the benefits that a security camera system has to offer:

  1. As a deterrent: Someone is less likely to break in and steal from your house if they know that they are constantly under video surveillance. This is the reason why thieves avoid houses having security camera system. Some of the modern cameras provide users with the option of keeping a tab on the activities inside, and outside their house when they are away.
  2. For evidence: A security camera system is no match when it comes to evidences. A good quality video surveillance footage is enough in the court of law to defend or prosecute a suspect. Ensure that your DVR or Digital Video Recorder is set up for time and date stamping.
  3. Encourage a safe environment: – There is a reason why to install security cameras in some commercial areas as the most prominent financial institutions and the airport. It not only helps them capture any activity that encourages a more secure environment. Think about people less inclined to do something reckless when fitted around security. And we know you are in a protected area, it also feels safer.
  4. Safety for staff:  Surveillance cameras are useful for outside and inside the office building. Employees may feel uncomfortable with the thought being watched, but in some cases it can take a scene of misconduct or even attacks from other customers. There is such a system is invaluable to keep detailed records of which employees are active.
  5. Helps to resolve conflicts or questions: Playing back recorded video footage on security camera system can help you fix issues and questions. For instance, if your car, lawn or mailbox is being vandalized, a security camera system can help you in figuring out what is going on exactly. Varifocal lenses and nighttime vision are welcome additions to these cameras so that one can easily capture good quality video at varying distances during day and night. Motion detection technology which is the standard feature of most DVRs, will help you find out whether your property is being trespassed or not. This feature can narrow down the video footage that you need to view.
  6. Availability and affordability: Security Camera System of good quality are highly affordable nowadays than before. Earlier, a house owner had to choose between an affordable system and a quality system, which is not the case anymore. The quality of these security camera systems is much better and improved than they were the couple of years ago and at the fraction of the cost. These systems come with data storage feature and high-speed bandwidth for easy transfer of large audio and video files. Moreover, users can use their cell phones like Blackberries or iPhones to access the security camera system.
  7. Peace of mind: Security Camera System guarantees peace of mind. The easy access feature of the security camera system provides house owners to keep a tab on the household activities, even if they are on a holiday. The surveillance system acts as a home alarm system. The remote monitoring video system in the surveillance cameras permits one to handle several remote sites from a single point. Therefore, if you install a surveillance camera that has a remote video monitoring system in it at your various offices, you can still monitor employee activity and when you go out or when working. A security camera system not only protects your property against theft and trespassing, but also gives you peace of mind.

For these reasons, the installation of security camera system is essential to companies, businesses, and even family members.

The security camera system may not be able to prevent all situations, but when installed they can actually prove to be invaluable when needed. Has your business been equipped with security camera? If not, set up the cameras in the optimal positions and enjoy your newfound peace of mind.

Security Camera System – How Many Cameras Do You Need?

Investing a security camera system is a great idea, but you need to be smart about something. An IP camera system with too many cameras is expensive to buy and maintain, while the same surveillance system with too few cameras could leave you unsecured when something goes incorrect.

So, here are some of the most important factors that will affect the number of surveillance cameras in a security system that you should be considered:

Entryways  The first areas your security camera system must cover are doors and emergency exits. This is where people go in and out of a building, so pointing a camera at every one of these exits and entrances lets you immediately identify any potential threats or suspicious personnel. Just make sure the camera is positioned so it can clearly capture the faces of people using the entryway.

High-Traffic Choke Points – Most crooks know that entryways tend to be covered by cameras, and it is relatively easy to wear a hat or cover the face with a hand without looking too suspicious. Choke points like hallways, lobbies or queues are the next best place to catch a crook off guard. Placing cameras at choke points is optional, especially when you’re trying to maintain a low-cost security system, but it is a good second line of defense if you can afford it.

Transaction Points – These are points where people exchange goods or money, like counters or front desks. People stop at these areas in order to do business, meaning they will have to expose their faces in order to communicate. You can also monitor the movements of employees manning these transaction points, like cashiers or tellers. It is highly recommended that you dedicate one camera to each transaction point so that you can capture both facial features and items being handled.

High-Interest Assets – These are items that you consider valuable and are willing to cover with your security camera system. What people consider high-interest assets vary, but this usually involves items that are expensive or highly confidential. It is worth investing in a camera to cover the immediate area around a high-interest asset, especially if the area is off-limits to most personnel. It is possible, however, to skimp out on the cameras if you already have a camera or two covering the entryways to these off-limit areas.

Outdoor Areas – Investing in a day/night security system to monitor the open area just outside a building can be worth it, especially for those that own commercial properties. Crooks like ‘scoping out’ their targets before striking. An outdoor security camera system may help you identify people who have been loitering around for some time prior to a criminal incident. These cameras can also show you how a burglar got into your property at night. If you have a dedicated security team monitoring the cameras, they might even be able to prevent crime once they spot something odd just outside the facility.

A quick way to help you identify the bare minimum number of cameras you’ll need on your security camera system is to add the total number of doors with the total number of transaction areas. Cameras for choke points, high-interest assets, and outdoor areas are typically unnecessary for most homes but come highly recommended for commercial or industrial establishments.
Keep all this in mind and you’ll be able to better determine the right number of cameras for your security camera system!

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