The FLIR CaseBuilder is a powerful data collection tool designed to migrate video surveillance-related evidence


The FLIR CaseBuilder is a powerful data collection tool designed to migrate video surveillance-related evidence from the field to investigation rooms and courts of law. CaseBuilder allows control room operators to easily and efficiently collect critical information from the FLIR Latitude Video Management System (VMS), bundle it with additional data relevant to the case, and export it as a unified report ready to be used by investigators and other stakeholders CaseBuilder functions as a module of Latitude, and resides within ControlCenter, Latitude’s main user interface. CaseBuilder allows you to manage and export video and audio clips, snapshots, and text¬ outside the Latitude VMS database, ensuring that it will not be overwritten by the Latitude Media Server Archiver. Cases are saved separately on dedicated storage and can be exported to portable media for offline investigations.

You can easily create password-protected reports from within Latitude’s ControlCenter user interface or a web browser, and back-up the entire CaseBuilder database when necessary with CaseBuilder, .



Creates and stores meta-data, such as events, alarms and bookmarks.
Builds “Case Files” containing Archived Video, Photos, Text and other file attachments
Links to the Latitude VMS Video Archives
Saves case files outside of the Latitude NVMS Archives
Creates browser-accessible, photo-based log files
Tracks un-submitted and deleted reports
Use Incident Viewer to display videos, images, text and other file attachments
Built-in user management and permissions
Visualize FLIR Camera Installation with Raven Site Planning Tool

flir-screenRaven was developed by FLIR professional security planners as a means to simulate our entire product line of security cameras in the field. A complete suite of controls are available to simulate mounting height, rotation, range and image detection simulation to ensure accurate placement and performance in real life conditions. Using current satellite imagery, the user can place any number of FLIR cameras in highly accurate coordinate controlled locations most anywhere on the earth. Once the user has created their plan, they save it to their projects folder, and even create a PDF output containing the camera specifics, GPS coordinates for each camera, as well as satellite plan overview map.


FLIR had a great few days at Security Essen 2016, Sept. 27-30, 2016. We showcased our latest update to Latitude, as well as a number of our industry-leading thermal and HD cameras with analytics. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth. And in case you want to learn more about our products, download our most current product matrix.

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