The Review Of The Netgear VueZone Wireless Night Vision IP Camera


Netgear has been around in the IP camera industry for several years. They released some innovative products during the recent past and Netgear VueZone camera holds a prominent place among them. In fact, this can be considered as one of the best night vision IP cameras that you can purchase from the market. It comes along with compact dimensions and it would be hard to believe that this camera offers some amazing features.Netgear VueZone ip camera

The motion sensing camera has the ability to detect moving objects within a range of 15 feet. It comes paired with an infrared lamp, which can be used to illuminate up to 25 feet. Therefore, people who use this Netgear VueZone camera will be able to get total control over the security of their homes. You can also adjust the motion sensor of this Netgear security camera according to your specific requirements. In order to adjust the sensor, you just need to move the scale on the mobile app. You will be provided with short video clips or still images when a motion is detected by the Neatgear security camera.

People who are spending their money on wireless security cameras are extremely concerned about the battery life. In fact, it is recommended to invest money on a product with a decent battery life because 24/7 surveillance can quickly drain it. The battery of Netgear VueZone camera has the ability to last for a period of six month with normal usage. In here, the normal usage is defined as give minutes of monitoring per day through videos.

Netgear security camera has delivered excellent results to the users. Customer reviews available online bear testimonials to prove the above mentioned fact. Even though it captures 640×480 videos, you will be able to get a clear view of the images. Some people have even used this Neatgear security camera in order to catch neighborhood burglars. Therefore, you don’t need to keep any doubts about the picture quality of Netgear VueZone camera.

Along with the Netgear VueZone camera, you will be provided with Netgear VueZone service plan as well. If you subscribe to it, you will be able to add 15 different cameras. In addition, you can store still images and videos up to 500MB. This is the highest plan available at the moment and it is marked at a reasonable price tag of just $79.99 per year. If you want a more affordable plan, you can go for the one that offers 250MB storage and compatibility with 5 cameras for $49.99 per year. Netgear VueZone also offers a free of charge plan. However, the free plan has limited options and it supports only two different cameras.NETGEAR VueZone surveillance camera

These impressive specifications have contributed a lot towards the popularity of Netgear VueZone camera among modern world people. If you want to get a quality night vision surveillance camera, this would be one of the best options available to consider.


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