Top 5 Different Types Of Z-wave Compatible Home Security Cameras


People are  extensively using various types of security cameras for effective surveillance of their home or office now a day. Although, there are different types of security cameras in the market today, their basic function is to take static and moving images and capture videos around the place where they are installed.Cameras function smarter when it comes to security roles, allowing the owner to monitor any desired area with their advanced features. Z-wave cameras utilize the most efficient Z-wave technology, and they also possess certain unique features like sensors, glass and special features for monitoring movements. Here the  5 Z-wave securities cameras to you.

Here’s the Top 5 Z-Wave Compatible Cameras
1. Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera, White

piper z wave camera

The Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera, White from iControl Networks is a smart home security camera having a high-resolution 180-degree view camera. The camera has an integrated Z-wave controller which makes it possible for you to control compatible home devices remotely. It also features a built-in alarm system and has special programmable security modes. It doesn’t require any monthly or yearly fee.

2. Schlage WCO100NX N N SL Home Outdoor Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence (Z-Wave)

schlage z wave cameras

The Schlage WCO100NX N N SL Home Outdoor Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence (Z-Wave) is an outdoor z-wave security camera which is a good home security tool for monitoring your home. You can install the Z-wave camera in your home to monitor your toddlers in the other room or can be used to protect your home from intruders. To utilize full features provided by your Nexia home intelligence system, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. It comes with a one-month trial subscription to experience the benefits before actually using it. The security system offers a 1-year warranty.

3. Schlage WCW100 Home Indoor Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence, White (Z-Wave)

WCW100 indoor camera

The Schlage WCW100 Home Indoor Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence, White (Z-Wave) is a lightweight indoor Z-wave camera which can easily be mounted anywhere inside your home. The 4*4.3 camera can record, and playback feeds from anywhere in your home. You can choose from an optional subscription plan from Nexia. The camera comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

5 – Iris RC-8221 Wireless Digital HD 720p IP Security Video Camera 0396427

Iris RC-8221 security camera

The Iris RC-8221 Wireless Digital HD 720p IP Security Video Camera 0396427 is a Z-wave compatible wireless security camera that can be used with any Z-wave based wireless system. It captures HD videos that can be viewed remotely with the help of the internet connection. It is mainly made for indoor functions.

5 – Fortrezz SSA-01 Siren / Strobe Z-Wave Alarm Module Clear Lens

Fortrezz SSA-01

The Fortrezz SSA-01 Siren / Strobe Z-Wave Alarm Module Clear Lens is an excellent home security system which has a camera, a light which can be activated through a security system and alarm. The camera can be accessed through a smartphone and can be recorded to watch later. However this camera is not too popular and is much more of a sensor. But hey, someone had to come in last place.

What exactly is a Z-wave compatible security camera?

Z-wave compatible security camera or Z-wave cameras are security devices which use Z-wave technology. It allows you to view videos from anywhere by having access to a high-speed wireless network. The Z-wave technology is the latest addition to home monitoring techniques. Security cameras act as an additional protection for your plot, and you can also monitor who visits your home or office premises. In the case of any untoward event happens, you can also check the visuals and video clips already reordered by the camera to know what exactly happened.

How does the Z-wave technology work?

z-wave diagram

If you get lost in understanding this don’t be worried, you aren’t alone. There is a lot of cool and interesting things you can do with Z-wave technology. It is definitely nerd talk and may be best with a professional service or company to help understand exactly what. Installing a z-wave system by yourself can be troublesome and hectic. It is best to go with a security camera offered by a company who will do the installation for you.

Z-wave technology is an efficient and low-energy protocol or technology which is using for communication between smart devices. It is mainly using in home automation, and it uses RF for controlling and transferring signals. When Z-wave technology is added to the design of any household product, they start to communicate by exchanging signals and messages and perform the desired function. Z-wave makes use of your Wi-Fi network so that you can easily control security systems through your PC or smartphone. Z-wave will not interfere with your Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth as it works on a different frequency of around 900 MHz.

Buyers guide and tips for buying a security camera

As there are a lot of models out there, you need to purchase a camera which suits your taste and need. Certain factors need to be considered when you buy a Z-wave camera, which is discussed below.

Different types of security cameras

There are several varieties of security cameras available on the market, and each has its own features and purposes. As there are a lot of security features in Z-wave cameras, you need to choose according to your needs. Some cameras are good for monitoring alone, and some have the features which allow you to notify in case of any threats. Before choosing a camera, be aware of the features you need to your home. After reading these 10 categories if you still have questions check out Z-wave’s FAQ database.

Here are 10 of the common categories of security cameras available

Basic security camera
This is a very basic form of security camera which is fixed and cannot change its position.

IP camera
An IP or Internet protocol camera is a type of digital camera which can receive and send data through a computer network or an internet connection. Surveillance cameras are also called as IP cameras.

Night vision camera
If you are choosing an outdoor camera, night vision facility is a must. Night vision cameras make use of Infrared technology helps to record clear clips at night without the help of a flashlight. The Schlage WCO100NX N N SL Home Outdoor Camera and Piper nv Smart Home Security System have this feature. Both these cameras are have Z-wave features available.

Pan and tilt and zoom camera
These type of cameras have the ability to change direction, pan, tilt and zoom to various degrees. Pan and tilt cameras can also spin and rotate at a specific angle, and it is possible for you to control the camera remotely. The Piper nv Smart Home Security System discussed above is a camera having this feature. If you want to monitor specified area at an angle rather than in a single position, you need to look for this feature. Some pan, tilt, and zoom cameras have the ability to lock-in an object and follow it even if crosses the specified monitoring area.

Motion detection cameras
Motion detection cameras are smarter versions which start recording or take pictures when they sense any kind of movement. So with this Z-wave camera, you can avoid recording lengthy unwanted footages. Certain motion detection cameras have the ability to lock-in moving objects and follow it. The Schlage WCW100 Home Indoor Camera with Nexia Home Intelligence is a motion detection camera.

Outdoor cameras
If you want to monitor an outdoor space, you need to buy an outdoor camera which is specially designed for outdoors. Most of the outdoor Z-wave camera will be having facilities like light vision and will be weather-proof. These types of cameras are important when you want to monitor who is outside your house without actually opening the door. The Schlage WCO100NX N N SL is an outdoor camera. Here’s some tips when shopping for the best outdoor camera.

This is one of the important factors to consider while buying a security camera with Z-wave features. You must make sure that the camera you buy is weather friendly and durable. Being weather-friendly is also important because you might be placing the camera outside the home. Some people go as far as to buy fake security cameras just to be a deterrent. This can be a good choice for people on low income and in a dangerous city.

Do not judge a product by its cost. Don’t think that the camera which is highly priced is better than a low priced one. It should be judged considering the features and services it provides rather than its price. But generally, superior cameras with rich features cost more than inferior ones. While setting a budget, you need to think about the features that you need so that you get the quality service for what you pay.

As you now, no security system is perfect. As technology is growing day by day, there are a lot of innovations happening in the area of home automation and security. So you need to keep yourself updated with the latest surveillance and security technology to choose the right camera with Z-wave technology for your home.

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