Reviewing The TENVIS JPT3815W Wireless IP Internet Surveillance Camera


This wireless single unit camera with model number JPT3815W has VGA resolution, Pan/Tilt capabilities, with night vision up to 12 meters and a built-in microphone. The camera is built within a rigid shell shape, with a power cord up to 5ft provided. The product dimensions are 8.5 x 7.3 x 5.3 inches and weigh 1.2 pounds and come with limited 1-year warranty. The camera is available in two colors, either black or white. It has a brand new user friendly UI with enhanced WiFi capabilities (WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g).

Key features

There are a variety of key features in this surveillance camera that people like.

Rotation and Night Vision

The camera with 3.6mm sized lens has pan/tilt capability of 340 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. 10 infrared LEDs provide illumination of 0.1Lux and a night vision range of up to 12 meters.

Two Way Audio and Motion Detection

It has 2-way audio and motion detection with a 1/4 Color CMOS image sensor. The video records at 25fps and should provide moderately lag free video. There is motion detection software with alerts sent via email.

Simple to Set Up

The camera is easy to set-up and supports multiple web browsers and smartphones such as Chrome and Safari.

Pros and cons

The Picture Quality

The VGA resolution of the camera is below HD quality but gives a great crisp and clear footage, although zooming in would result in pixelated and undistinguishable images.

The Night Vision Capability

The camera requires minimal installation time and is easy to set-up, although an Ethernet cable and some previous knowledge of IP addresses and basic routing is required for initial setup.

The night vision capability although suggests 12 meters, would be slightly compromised due to the lack in IR LEDs, although the room would still be visible. Is Simple to Install

It has a Variety of Control Options

A variety of control options are available when remote monitoring such as brightness, contrast and panning.

Extended Power Cord

The power cord has been extended to 5ft, which is great for medium to small sized rooms.

Can Access from a Number of Browsers, Smartphones and Tablets

The camera is applicable to a number of browsers and smartphones giving the user flexibility, although the wireless range was found to be lacking.

Video Recording is Capable

Video recording is also capable, although some users have commented problems when using Windows.

Comes with An Instruction Manual

An instruction manual is provided but gave poorly written instructions. This can be a difficulty for first time users.

A One Year Warranty

We cannot leave out the fact that a 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer, which is great for any future problems that you may have within the year.

Honest review and opinion

None of them can really compare to this price,when you can find other cameras in the marketplace that are similar to this, – this price is unbeatable. I find some people complaining about the installation being complicated, but this is expected if you have never installed a surveillance system before. Overall, the camera offers a good clear image, complete with motion detection and alerts that are sent via email. It is suitable for homeowners and office places to be placed indoor for general surveillance requirements but would not be suggested for advanced needs.

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