Reviewing Swann Swpro-780Cam-Us Pro-780 Ultimate Optical Zoom Camera


Today, there are so many security camera options you can buy to protect your home. Luckily, there is a way to narrow down the best one for you and that is by simply prioritizing what is important to your home and family. For homeowners who want a lightweight, attractive and unique design with high resolution and easy to use functionality.

The Swann SWPRO-780 CAM camera features an ultimate optical zoom that makes it possible to record what’s going on inside and outside. It has been used residentially and commercially as a crime deterrent. The quality of video is high with Sony Effio CCD video as well as high resolution. Further, there is infrared night vision to ensure that the camera can provide quality footage during all hours of the day and night. It is easy to install, which saves money from professional security installation.

Crime Deterrent

Research has shown that many criminals are deterred from committing acts of vandalism the moment that they see a video camera. The SWPRO-780 CAM camera can be quickly installed indoors or out as a way of deterring intruders and protecting your property.

When the camera is mounted, there are lights to show that it is on and recording. You can then decide whether you are going to keep the monitoring in real-time or record the video in the event that there is a break-in or disturbance so that you can view footage at a later time.

Easy to Mount

Four screws is all it takes to mount to the wall. This means that you can have the camera mounted within minutes so that you can begin monitoring your home or business with ease. Because you can avoid professional set-up fees, it is an affordable form of adding security.You will be able to easily mount the camera to the walls and thread the cable through the bracket for additional protection.

Multiple Surveillance Options

There are multiple surveillance options with the Swann optical zoom camera. The first option that you have is to plug it into the DVR with cables so that you can record the data. 60 feet of cable comes with the unit, so it is unlikely that you will need to purchase any additional cables. This allows you to maintain the footage in the event that there is a disturbance. The footage can then be handed over to the authorities when requested.

The second option that you have is to plug the camera into the TV using the yellow video-in socket. This will allow you to have immediate surveillance of what the camera sees.

There is a support line with Swann that can also help with the overall setup if there are problems or questions on how to achieve something in particular.

Additional Features

The SWPRO-780 CAM has a total weight of 4.1 pounds, which means that a lot of hardware will not be required to keep the camera mounted in place. Further, the total dimensions are 4.3 by 8.5 by 10.8 inches, so it is small enough to be kept in corners and still visible enough to work as a deterrent. There is a DC in jack as well for being able to connect the camera to a DVR or television.

The high resolution is as a result of 700 TV lines in color with 1/3” Sony Effio CCD video. There are vari-focal controls and infrared night vision to ensure quality video is captured in all levels of light, both near and far.

An OSD or on-screen display controller is in place along with built-in software so that you have the ability to customize the camera settings. When you are looking to achieve professional video surveillance, it is these settings that will help you to achieve it.


The majority of people reviewing the camera on Amazon have provided 4 and 5 stars and no one has given it lower than those ratings. Many people talk about the affordability of the camera while others go into details about how well the wide-angle works in order to capture more of what’s going on.The reviews on the SWPRO-780 CAM have been very high.

The only negative things that people have to say about the camera is that the mounting options are limited. If you have a wall with a 45 degree angle, it may be difficult to get the angle. However, there are some mounting options that you can consider to ensure that you get the desired level of coverage.

Overall, people are pleased with their purchase of the optical zoom security camera and have been able to save a lot of money by handling the installation on their own.


The wide-angle on the camera provides a significant view of what’s going on inside of a room, entranceway or in the yard. With such an angle, you will be able to see more without having to install a second camera, which can lead to a more affordable system.

The SWPRO-780 CAM with the optical zoom has a considerable amount of features. It’s an affordable camera that’s easy to install. The 700 TV line high resolution camera ensures that people will be able to capture the movement needed and there is powerful infrared night vision, allowing the camera to be used day and night.

Alternative Products
Before you spend the money on the Swann SWPRO-780 CAM, you should familiarize yourself with some of the other cameras on the market. Some considerations include the below models.

This camera is weatherproof and is capable of night video with a video transmission range of up to 500 feet

The Foscam Wireless IP camera is completely wireless and provides 720p HD video compression with night vision capabilities.

This bullet security camera uses concealed wiring, is weatherproof, and features 24 infrared lights for night vision.

The Dahua camera is weatherproof with a 3.6mm lens. It features HD video with day and night functionality.

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