The crazy sights at CES 2017


The annual CES show is celebrating its 50th anniversary and seems to get busier and crazier every year. Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable sights of CES 2017 through the lenses of Ann Singer and Alexandra Wimley, photojournalism students at Boston University.

Virtual reality rides

Virtual reality was a big deal at CES 2017. Here, a CES attendee tries out the Icaros virtual reality flying device. The gadget, from a Berlin-based company, enables people to fly through a virtual world and is also said to be good fitness training.

Crazy, colorful models

 The result was a colorful subject for Polaroid cameras.To attract people to its booth, Polaroid hired models to sit still while attendees painted them.

Repairing and cleaning cameras

Here, a Sony employee works on cleaning and fixing cameras at the Sony booth. The company’s Pro Support service provides an extra level of technical support to professional photographers.


As a sponsor of five NBA teams, ZTE brought a little basketball wow to CES. Here, an acrobat dunks a basketball during a performance at company’s booth.

Under the sea

A model displays the PowerVision underwater robot, which is said to “revolutionize” fishing by combining virtual reality and robotics technology.

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