The Cobra CDR895D Drive HD offers affordable dual-channel video

cdr895 daytime resize

Cobra’s packaging barely hints that this dual-channel system is actually the CDR895D Drive HD model. But look for the box with the two cameras (front 1080p/160 degrees, rear 720p/130 degrees) behind the plastic window, and you’ll know you’ve got the right product. This probably is the right product for many users, thanks to its relatively low price and near 360-degree coverage.

The whole deal is connected via a rather elegant y-cable with inline couplers. The lightweight front camera mounts using a smallish suction cup, while the rear camera uses a semi-permanent adhesive mount. Figuring out where to run the wires will be the hardest part of the installation (hint: under the carpet).

The CDR895D’s controls and interface are top-notch. Four unmarked buttons below the small 2-inch display vary contextually in their functions, which are nicely explained by on-screen icons. The whole deal is easy to learn, as well as easy to use. Our only caveat is to keep the adjustment hardware tight, and press the function/control buttons with a minimum of force. A light touch is all that’s required and a heavy hand will disturb the unit’s orientation.cdr895 daytime resizecdr895 nighttime resize

Video from the CDR895D’s 1080p/160-degree front camera is excellent. Video from the 130 degree/720p rear camera is merely very good. Night video was on a par with the Thinkware F770’s, which is to say as good as it gets. Headlight flare was minimal, and details prominent.

The CDR895D Drive HD is by far the cheapest dual-camera system we’re aware of, even when you add $50 for the option GPS mount (the Viofo A119’s is only $10). And the cool thing is, you don’t sacrifice video quality. Good deal.

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