Reviewing Uniden GC45 Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

uniden surveillance camera review

The purpose of this review is to give you our thoughts on the Uniden GC45 Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Security Camera, so that any home or business owner can make an informed judgement as to weather this particular model of camera would be suitable for their home security needs.

Quick Descriptionuniden surveillance camera review

Aside from knowing that this is a 10 x 4.25 x 14 inch and 4.38 pound outdoor make of camera, you should know that the Uniden GC45 is a part of a wireless system, and requires said system in order to function.

In the case of this camera, you’re looking at the Uniden Guardian Series Video Surveillance System which it was made for.

In fact, your best bet if you’re considering purchasing this system is to go for the surveillance system plus the two cameras, which are pictured on the left here.

This is a “Plug ‘N Play system that allows for a really quick set up, multiple camera recording, and is expandable up to 4 cameras.

Depending on where you shop, you should be able to pick this package up for around $250 or less, which is a pretty solid deal for such a combo.

You can see the overall features of this camera when paired with the Uniden 2-Camera Video Surveillance System in the video below:

Main Features Of This Uniden Security Camera

Overall, buyers’ comments have been overwhelmingly positive when it comes to the quality of the image capture for both day and night usage.

The night vision is up to 40 feet, the range of the video transmission is up to 500 feet.

In addition to being completely wireless, it is also a weatherproof camera, and it offers motion detection, as well as remote viewing and recording using mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

The Uniden GC45 comes in three colors: silver, black, and white, and each are priced slightly differently, depending where you buy, so watch out for that.

Camera Pairing and Installing

The installation process of this camera and pairing it with an existing Uniden surveillance system is quick and simple as there is no A / V wiring to install.

This camera is battery-free, which many customers can truly appreciate. Batteries do need changing, and many users prefer the alternative method.

The steps to setting up are as simple as plugging it in, turning it on, and you’re ready to watch live videos of the area of your property that you’ve chosen to watch over. Such is the beauty of the Plug ‘N Play system.

Keep in mind that although there are no batteries to speak of, your Uniden wireless GC45 uses 120 VAC and needs to be installed into a power outlet 4 feet away, unless you have an extension cord.

Coleman Cable 02309 outdoor weatherproof cable
A weatherproof extension cord would come in handy here, so you can mount the camera where ever you please.

This cord to the left is something you might want to pick up along with your Uniden camera to give yourself a bit of leeway with regards to its placement. Of course, placement with an outdoor or indoor camera is all-important when it comes to security.

Without such a cord to extend your reach, your limit is 4 feet, which doesn’t give a lot of flexibility.

Weatherproof Camera

The Uniden Guardian outdoor security camera is both sturdy and durable with its weatherproof casing. Its weatherproof grade is IP66, meaning that you won’t have any worries concerning the weather at all – it can be rainy, snowy or scorching hot, and your camera will function perfectly even if it’s exposed directly to the most heinous of weather conditions.

Better Night Vision With IR Cut Filter

The Uniden GC45 contains an infrared cut filter (what is an IR cut filter? – Read this article) which is responsible for true and accurate colors during the nighttime.

You can use this product as both outdoor and indoor security
uniden camera review camera.

During the change from daytime to activating the night vision feature, it prevents out- of-focus images, thus giving clear black and white picture at night.

The night vision is further improved with its 20 Infrared LED lights, giving a high-res image with a range of up to 40 feet in complete darkness.

You can easily set up your Uniden system to record video using motion detection, a scheduled recording time, or simply manually by a touch of a single button.

This means that you’ll not only being able to record the situation
going around/in your home while you’re home, but also when you’re away from it.

You can do this by either configuring the motion detection feature to starting recording immediately after some movement is detected, or at the scheduled recording time. Having the choice to do either is quite convenient.

All recorded videos are saved on an included SC card which can capture up to 30 hours of video.

This camera allows you to access your live surveillance system from your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or Android tablet using Internet.

All you need to do to keep an eye of your home while away, is to download and install the free Guardian Surveillance App.

To access live video from your PC, use Uniden free online portal with no monthly fees.

However, we must mention here that this Uniden GC45 camera cannot communicate to a standard Wifi network on its own, but the connection goes through the Uniden system since it’s an add on of the Uniden Guardian Series surveillance systems.

Basically, if this were the 1980s, you’d be paying a fee to have Uniden Guardian reps watching your home. Today is a step up because you can do that yourself and save money. We think of it as progress and its not too shabby.

Overall Impressions

The most important thing to know is that this Uniden GC45 camera can’t be used as an independent security camera and needs to be paired with a Uniden Guardian system, such as this 2-Camera Uniden Surveilance system, or this 4-Camera Uniden System both available for a reasonable price on Amazon.

However, together with a whole Uniden Guardian System, this camera offers top-notch features, including high quality daytime and night vision, with included IR cut filter and Infrared LED lights, remote viewing, video recording set up by motion detection, and scheduled recording or manual recording.

This camera comes in three colors, which is a plus: silver, white, and black. We highly recommend it!

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