Best Hidden Nanny Cameras To Care About The Safety Of Their Children

hidden nanny cam review

Our children mean the world to us, and we know that every parents cares about the safety of their children from the moment they are born.

As we watch our children grow, we want to spend as much time as possible with them, although the reality is that we can’t always do that.  Work, among other things, gets in the way of spending as much time with our kids as we might like.

hidden nanny cam review

Even when our children are very young and we want to be with them every single day, we sometimes can’t – and that’s when we turn to nannies to look after our little ones.

Of course, choosing the right nanny is a top priority if we’re going to be leaving our children at home with someone.  Many parents conduct interview after interview in search of the right nanny.

But unfortunately, sometimes people aren’t what they seem.

The nannies we hire who are a good match will probably end up becoming very close with us – almost like another member of the family.


Once we hire the nanny who will look after our children, then comes the moment of truth.

We have to leave our kids alone with this person, but sometimes, no matter how lovely and sweet they might seem, we as parents might want to be extra careful and take a few extra precautions, at least long enough to figure out if our nanny is everything they say they are.

That’s where the hidden nanny cam comes in.


Some of you reading this might think this seems a little distrustful, but many parents don’t want to take any chances, and so by installing a hidden nanny cam, we might think of it as an additional screening process after the interview is over.

In some cases, having a hidden nanny cam set up for your new nanny’s first day on the job is all it will take to tell you everything you need to know about your new stay-at-home employee.

Since the risk is so high when hiring a new nanny for our babies, we think the ends justifies the means here.  Your child’s well-being is at stake, and that’s exactly what a really good hidden nanny cam does – it ensures that your child is safe as you’re getting to know your new nanny.

best hidden nanny cam 2016

What we hope happens is the new nanny takes the best possible care of our children when we are away.

A hidden nanny cam can also tell us if the person we’ve hired maybe just isn’t right.  We can watch the footage and say “She’s a nice person, but maybe just not right for us somehow.”

In this post, we’ll give you quick reviews of 5 of the best hidden nanny cameras that are currently available, with the hope that we can somehow help you in the protection of your dearest ones.

By seeing the what each hidden nanny cam offers in terms of looks, price, and overall features, we wish to help you choose the best hidden nanny cam that you can use in your home and get the best value from.

#1 – SecureGuard USB Charger & Alarm Clock Spy Hidden Nanny Camera

hidden nanny cam review

We are starting our list of best spy cameras with this SecureGuard USB charger and alarm clock.

It has many great features that we think make it an excellent choice for a hidden camera, which is why we decided to show you this one first.

Technical Specs

Resolution: 720P HD 1280×720 @ 30fps
Viewing angle: 72°
Storage: Supports up to 32GB SD cards
Storage Consumption: ~1GB consumed every 30 mins, auto recycling


1 x Alarm Clock Camera Spy Camera
1x 16GB SD Card
1x USB and TV out Cable
1 x Instruction Booklet
Compatible with
Windows up to Win8

The first thing to say about this hidden nanny cam is that it’s 100% covert since it has no pinholes, SD card slots, sounds or even lights. This makes it extremely hidden so no one can suspect that it’s actually a camera.

The appearance of this hidden nanny cam is that of an alarm clock, where the features, by the way, work perfectly and you can really use it as an alarm clock as well as a hidden nanny cam.

It looks like any other alarm clock, and since it’s 100 % covert, no one will know that its main purpose is actually something different.

Besides being an alarm clock, it serves also as a phone charger. It has a USB port via which you can connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows phone and charge it. So, basically you get 3 different products in just one: a hidden camera, alarm clock, and a phone charger.

The resolution of this camera is really good, which is 720p HD, and the viewing angle is 72 degrees. It has motion detection recording, and it comes with 16GB SD card, although it supports up to 32GB SD card.

This product includes USB and TV out viewing cable as well as a good instructions manual.


Similar to this hidden nanny camera is the AES Spy Alarm Clock, with the only difference we found being that this one doesn’t have a USB port for charging phones.

Except for this, their features are the same with both nanny cams.


#2 – Titathink TT520PW Micro Hidden Pinhole

Titathink TT520PW Micro Hidden Pinhole reviewThis Titathink TT520PW Micro hidden camera has only one purpose, and that is to be a camera that will catch everything that happens while you are not home, and see how is your nanny treating your child while alone.

Besides being a hidden nanny camera, you can also set it in your office or store since its small size (3.7 x 2.87 x 0.94 in) allows to be placed in different environments and still be unnoticed.

The resolution of 720p HD provides high quality images and video you can rely on. It works over Wi-Fi, Poe, or Lan.  It can record continuously or in cycles, and it has motion detection which together with the alarm recording, OSD function.

The video quality can be changed remotely using the “Anyscene” app which is compatible with Android and iOs. You can also use this app to play back the video recording files which are saved on 32G class10 MicroSD card which comes together with the camera, or you can also insert a memory card of up to 128G.Titathink TT520PW Micro hidden camera

Although this camera doesn’t have internal sound monitoring, which refers to a microphone, since the federal law forbids spy cameras to have sound recording features, still Titathink comes with one audio-input, so you can additionally purchase an external sound pickup device and your hidden camera will have one more handy feature which is sound recording.

This nanny cam includes a mini image sensor (0.74 in x 1 in ), a cable up to 20 feet, and the main unit which is a little square box. They are all inter-connected and can’t work independently. The installation is very easy since the product comes with good mounting accessories, and many customers have described the install process as simple and easy.



#3 – DareTang P2p Spy Camera Adapter 

DareTang P2p Spy Camera Adapter reviewThis DareTang P2p Spy Camera Adapter has the appearance of a wall charger, so basically no one will suspect of the little black plug on the wall of being a hidden camera.

It’s a Wi-Fi camera for wireless monitoring which can be controlled and monitored in real time via Android device, iPhone, PC or Mac. The connection of the adapter with your phone can be tricky if you don’t read the instructions well.

One thing to keep in mind is that some customers have commented on Amazon that they actually thought this camera wasn’t working properly before re-reading the instructions carefully. Here’s one comment which is a brief explanation of how to properly link the camera with your phone.


Once again, this is a hidden camera that offers high quality video resolution of 1080/720p 25fps, while the picture resolution is 5MP, containing ultra clear lens OV9712 which only add to the clarity and quality of the camera effect . The viewing angle of this camera is 90 degrees, giving a wide picture of the monitored area.

The recording settings offer shooting continuously when supply power, or activating the motion detection function, and of course monitoring everything in real time.

The SD card is not included but it can support one of up to 32 GB. You can find such a memory card at a good price .

#4 – Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

Camscura Micro Hidden CameraThis Camscura Micro Hidden Camera has a neat and inconspicuous looking device that makes it a perfectly covert camera for new nanny as well as office purposes.

Its small size of 4 x 2.5 x 5 inches and black, unobtrusive color can fit at almost every corner of your home. Or, for an even better option, you can hide it in with some of your household objects and thus turning the object into a customized surveillance system.

Camscura Micro Hidden Camera adapter review

In this way, you won’t need to add a new item into the room that you want to be monitored, but simply to add this small rectangular box into an object that has already been there, such as a teddy bear, tissue box, thus making it completely unnoticeable for the a nanny who might take notice of a new object in the room.

It provides high quality 1280 x 720 HD video resolution giving a clear picture of everything what’s going on in your home while you’re away. This said, you can set the camera to record continuously, saving the recorded video files on a memory card of up to 64GB (which is not included in the package), or you can set it to a motion detection for storage saving.

This camera is also sound-activated, although doesn’t record audio, and is vibration-activated.  Another recording option is to set the camera record at a specific time.

#5 – Toughsty Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Toughsty Hidden Camera Alarm Clock reviewHere we have another alarm clock hidden camera in our list due to its hidden camera features, with an average price of around $60, depending where you buy.

The look of this camera is that of a classy black alarm clock displaying the time and the temperature, which will fit perfectly in a modern living room, or in any other room.

The quality of this Toughsty hidden camera alarm clock is excellent with 1280×960 resolution, which makes it one of the best spy cameras regarding in terms of resolution.

The viewing angle is 140 degrees which is not something you see with other hidden nanny cameras. It has built-in microphone, which means it can also do sound recording.

The camera comes with a remote controller which has all the recording settings: video recording, sound recording, continuous photograph mode, motion detection, and, of course, there’s the start key.

Toughsty Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

The recorded video files are stored on a micro SD card of up to 32 GB, which is not included in the package, so you can find one separately on, such as this recommended model.

However, some customers have complained about the battery life of this camera, so it’s always good to know all the pros and cons of a product you’re considering buying.

Overall, this product package includes the alarm clock camera, a remote controller, a power adapter, an USB cable, and a user manual.

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