Reviewing iMBAPrice CCTV Security Camera DC Male Power Plug Pigtail Cable

male dc pigtail cables for security camera 20 pack
  • Center positive 2.1mm DC plug
  • Molded male connectors
  • Outside diameter: 5.5mm
  • Inside diameter: 2.1mm
  • 1 foot length, Easy to maneuver and install, and also helps to conserve space

Maybe you have better things to think about in your day to day life than molded power cables, but the day will surely come when you need them, and when that day arrives, you might be glad you read our review of these iMBAPrice male power cables.  If you are looking to hook up a home security system featuring multiple cameras needing a power supply, these male power plug pigtail cables are the perfect choice.

In fact, many customers who have picked up these iMBAPrice male power plug pigtail cables, have used it for just such a purpose, hooking up their multi-cam dome or bullet-style security cameras around their home or property with them.  Of course, these power cables are actually quite multi-purpose and can be used in other ways.  At 12″ long, these are fairly long cables which are longer than your average CCD camera power cable.

On average, across the web we have found that these are some of the highest rated power cables on the market, so you really can’t go wrong with this product.

In fact, compared to some of these top selling brands, the iMBAPrice 20-pack is a pretty good deal!

Comes Pre-Stripped And Tinned

Many customers were not aware of this when the product was delivered, but it is worth noting because it really is a significant time-saver overall. One big plus about this 20 pack of iMBAPrice DC male power plug pigtail cables is that they come pre-stripped and tinned at the end, for your added convenience.

Set Up Your Whole System

male dc pigtail cables for security camera 20 packThere is obviously an advantage here to picking up a 20 pack of these little beauties, as you will have replacements handy for your security camera, or just a whole bunch of them for any other projects that might come up which require these cables.

If you’re setting up a large multi-camera system, this pack should do the trick and give you cables to spare.

Unlike your average box of random cables you’ll never use (we all have one of those), to some of us, these particular cables are like hitting the jackpot because they are quite practical, and having 20 of them doesn’t hurt at all either.  So not only are they practical, but you’re getting a great deal with 20 of them for a really fair price.

No Shipping Complaints, Fast Delivery Time

power cable reviewsOne of the other big reasons customers seem to love these cables by iMBAPrice is because they are shipped quickly and very rarely is there ever a problem with the shipping aspect of things.

A number of customers on have gone out of there way to highlight the fact that what you see on the product page is exactly what you get and you get it quickly.

Sadly, this is not always the case with many product you order online but with iMBAPrice, the shipping is excellent.

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