Reviewing UniquExceptional Offered Fake Security Camera


When it comes to protecting your home or business, having a security system complete with surveillance cameras will definitely deter intruders. As soon as a thief sees a security camera, they reconsider their game plan. Since its such an effective solution to burglary, many people are willing to shell out some serious money to equip their home or business with such a set-up.

However, as we all know, the bigger and better a home security system is, the more you’re going to be spending. Well, there is an alternative which at first might seem ridiculous, but in actual fact, based on user reports, this actually really works. Yes, we’re talking about a fake security camera, offered up by UniquExceptional.

Fake Home Security At Its Finest
When you think about it, just the presence of a camera on your property can make all the difference when it comes to deterring criminals. This convincing camera by UniquExceptional has all of the details it takes to make anyone think that they’re looking at a real security camera. Thieves take one look at this camera, and your average criminal isn’t about to clue in to the fact that its actually fake. Nothing is being recorded, nor is there any team of people on the other side watching what’s happening. Luckily, this isn’t always necessary to repel an potential crook.

This battery-powered fake security camera even has 30 Illuminating Night Vision LEDs which kick in when it gets dark. These LEDs have the advantage of being very eye-catching, and if someone is approaching your house, having this camera strategically placed with the lights on at night is definitely going to catch their attention and make them think twice.

This home security camera even has the video cables hanging out the back to give the impression that this is the real deal. It also has a rain shield, as well as some additional writing on the side to complete the illusion.

Perhaps A Bit Of Fine Tuning Is In Order Here
Some purchasers of this camera have brought up some very interesting points that we agree with and think should be discussed here, as they are good points and very valid when it comes to this camera.

In the customer reviews section, a few people have pointed out that real home security cameras do have some important differences which some thieves would pick up on, such as the fact that red LED lights are not actually going to add to the realism of this security camera.

Flashing lights on a security camera are slightly dated, some say, and so one would be better off taking out the batteries and relying more on the security signage that comes with this product. We are more of this camp. We think that the flashing LED lights make the camera look more like something you’d see at your local plaza circa 30 years ago. Still, criminals who go around robbing houses are not usually known for their comprehensive knowledge of home security products and the updates that have been made.

Also, in regards to realism, real cameras have different wiring, or these days many of them have no no wiring at all. For comparisons sake, take a look at this D-Link Wireless Surveillance Camera to see how this camera and that camera do not really look the same at all. One good thing to remember is that in a weird way, to us older folks, newer cameras actually more like toys than ever before, so this fake camera actually looks more like a real camera to us. Maybe its fair to say that this fake home security camera is going to deter more thieves over the age of 40 who actually remember the 80’s and have watched movies like Lethal Weapon.

Easy To “Use” Fake Home Security
In any case, this fake security camera is really easy to set up. You just need to put in 2 AA batteries (not included), and then use the stainless steel screws that are included and attach it to the appropriate spot.

The red LED lights come on at night by themselves, which is pretty sophisticated in itself for what’s basically a toy, and presumably any robbers who have taken the time to “stake out” your home or business and who might be hanging around in their shady van at dusk could conceivably see this camera “switch on” at nightfall and say “Damn, it IS real!” and then peel off, looking for easier prey.


If you want to modify this fake camera as we mentioned above, in order to make it that much more convincing, that’s 100% up to you. People have done it, and of course since the result is usually no break-ins in the meantime, presumably these improvements have helped. In some cases, these modifications may have made a huge difference since, as we’ve said, criminals tend to not be the most intelligent people on the planet. It is in fact possible to outsmart them, and this camera, which you can find on Amazon for a reasonable price, is a great example of how that can be done. Anyway, it has been reported by customers that they’ve had no break-ins after installing this fake camera, and in the home security business, no news is usually good news.

While this is clearly no substitute for a real home security camera, if you can’t afford to go that route, this may be worth a try.

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