10 Great Reasons Why You Need To Install A Home Security System

samsung smartthings hub

Having a home security system means increased safety for both your family and your home. But, as you know, these systems can be rather costly, depending on your family’s budget.

Luckily, home security systems can be slowly but surely built one device at a time, meaning they’re essentially modular and you don’t have to spend $1000’s of dollars to begin with (unless it is within your means, then go for it).

For instance, want to start with just one outdoor home security camera?  This can be done without the purchase of an entire system, depending on the camera.

samsung smartthings hub

With smart hubs, you can simply buy the hub and start adding different parts (cameras, lights, locks, etc.) as your budget allows and so long as the device is compatible with that specific hub.

Investigating a home security system may seem daunting at first, but the possibility of damage due to a break-in if you don’t have any kind of home security devices installed is definitely going to cost you much more, not to mention the stress that you will go through if something happens and you know you could’ve prevented it.

1. Protection from Intruders

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System 6According to statistics, homes without security systems are almost 3 x as likely to be invaded.  This shows that the very existence of an security system is often sufficient to scare off intruders, but nobody wants a security system that doesn’t work.

We would say the three most important components to start out with are the three we’ve listed below, although a full security system can include many more things.  These are just the basics…

  • Smart Hub or Home Controller
  • Indoor / Outdoor Home Security Camera
  • Heavy Duty Deadbolt

Now and again, criminals target a home either intentionally or accidentally when you or members of your family are inside.  Finding someone in the home they are sneaking into can shock some burglars who don’t expect to see anyone inside, and in such situations their panic and shock can lead to aggressive behavior on their part.  Having at least the basics in place as listed above should prevent anyone from ever getting in in the first place.

2. Protection from Fires

house fire damageThe first thing to come to anyone’s mind when thinking about home security systems is probably home invasion situation, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most common situation you’ll run into that pose a risk – house fires are much more common.

Home security products offer additional security for homeowners aside from protecting you from unwanted visitors, including fire safety features.  This is where smart fire alarms come in.

KERUI W1 Wireless 2.4G WiFi Telephone Line Home Burglar Fire Alarm Security System DIY Kit Auto Dial With 4PCS Wireless Smart Socket

So, aside from detecting smoke in the home, some home security systems also warn you when a device isn’t functioning properly and can contact local authorities on your behalf for an instant reaction.

The U.S. Fire Administration explains that 30 seconds are enough time for a small flame to progress into a full blown fire.  This means that a fire outbreak can go from a small electrical fire to having a house filled with thick, black smoke, and, at that point, a home owner is in trouble one way or another.

That’s why notifying the local authorities as soon as possible is of extreme importance in case of fire and certain home security systems do exactly this.

In every type of emergency, time is certainly important, but in the case of a fire, a few seconds could threaten the life of all family members inside the home, and complete destruction of the house with all of its valuables.  With fire, there is simply no time at all to waste.

3. Protection From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System 5Combustion fumes contain colorless and odorless gasses which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if they go unchecked.

In your average home, this gas can be released from burning wood or charcoal, stoves, gas ranges, heating systems, etc.  Since people can’t readily detect carbon monoxide in the air, having a carbon monoxide detector is very important.

Scientifically speaking, our red blood cells pick up carbon monoxide gas much more quickly than the oxygen, and distributes it through our blood and into vulnerable tissues and organs.

SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security System

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, chest pain, confusion, and vomiting, but the most serious cases of carbon monoxide poisoning can end in death.

Leaks of carbon monoxide can occur with small devices called carbon monoxide detectors. If you’ve never owned one, they are similar to smoke detectors and can be either bought separately or as part of a home security system.

The advantage of having carbon monoxide detectors installed as part of a home security system is because it will signal paramedics who are able to treat this kind of poisoning, and emergency service dispatch.

One such security system is the SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security System, shown above.

4. Provides Peace Of Mind

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Peace of mind is invaluable to everyone, and home security systems provide that.

Older people or those with disabilities can appreciate the fact that smart home security systems allow them to communicate with family or even authorities in an instant if the need arises,.

There are even some systems that offer medical alert pendants for people to wear, which will call for help in case of some medical situations, such as the popular LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency System.

Working parents who frequently leave their children or their elderly parents home alone for extended periods will feel better knowing they have home security system installed in their home to watch over their dearest ones.

5. Protection Of Your Valuables

All that you have built, bought, and made throughout your entire life is right there inside your home. Whether that is expensive devices you saved forever to get, or sentimental inheritances passed through generations, those things you of course want protected at all costs.


However, burglars don’t see your items and valuables in this way. They only see their retail value. The statistics show that every year there are around 2,5 million burglaries in America alone.  The average loss per burglary is around $1700, and the total per year is $3.1 billion, but its far more when you consider other types of damages such as mental anguish.

It has been noted that most burglars are deterred from their initial purpose solely by the presence of a home security system in the home they have targeted.  When intruders aren’t afraid of these systems, they get caught in the act because the system is in place, and a visual documentation raises the chances of them being identified and caught.

The better option is that they get caught by the local authorities while they are doing the crime, thanks to the home security system which will signal authorities the moment they enter the home. Video footage will show homeowners what has been stolen from their home.

6. Having Someone Else to Monitor Your Home


With smart home monitoring systems, you have to keep watch yourself via smart devices, but some home security systems offer non-stop monitoring even when you can’t do it yourself by way of a security company.

Going on vacation, or leaving your home for business can be worrying even if you have a home security alarm.  However, monitoring services provide help in case of any emergency situation.

These services track emergency events and send emergency personnel when required. For example, a home security system will properly react to alarms triggered by a carbon monoxide leak, fire, drastic drop or increase of house temperature, natural disaster like flood, or an intruder. Any of these tragic events can cause much severe damage without the watchful eye, and not everyone wants to do the monitoring themselves, so having a company at hand is quite useful.

7. Saving on Homeowners Insurance

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System 2The cost of homeowners insurance depends on the coverage, location, insurance company, payment plans, type of house, and other factors.

Although some might think that homeowners insurance is nothing but a waste of money, people who had the chance to use it successfully, will tell you the opposite.

Homeowners insurance provides coverage of private homes and the possessions within them from damage or losses that can happen because of various tragic events.  Coverage can include events like burglaries and fires, as well as natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes (but not floods).

Insurance companies give 10 to 20 % discount on homeowners with a functioning home security system, so this is another plus of having one installed in your home.

8. Keeping an Eye on Your Home Remotely

10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System 3For some people, one of the biggest advantages of installing a smart home security system is the ability to watch out on their homes when they are away.

Many modern home alarm systems allow access of the homeowners to their home security system remotely, via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Having such system means you will be able to arm or disarm the home alarm, monitor the cameras, turn on and off the home lights, turn on or change the air conditioning or heating, and monitor the motion detectors.

So, even if you are not home, the remote access enables you to create the illusion that you are actually there by turning the lights on and off at a specific time or performing other feats of automation.

This remote access to your heating and air conditioning can prevent pipe damage and prepare the home in case of sudden temperature changes, at the same time helping you to save on gas or electric bills.

The remote access of home security systems usually comes with a small fee, but it’s definitely worth it as you will have control over your home even when you are not there.

9. Receiving Medical Assistance When Needed

SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security System
There are many home alarm companies that provide medical alert pendants.  These items are designed so that people can call emergency services with a single touch of a button or pulling a cord.

Usually, these services are called by elderly parents or children, family members of ill individuals, and those living with their dear ones with special needs.

So for example, if an older person falls when alone in the home, they can alert the authorities and get proper help right away.

Individuals living with family members who are ill or have special needs can signal medical professionals or authorities that they need help in case of seizures or other medical situations. Although this feature is not included in every home security system, you can find it in many of them for a certain fee, such as the SimpliSafe2 Wireless Home Security System that we have shown above.

10. Lowering The Energy Consumption In Your Home


Although not many home security companies offer the relatively new concept of home automation, it is becoming more and more popular.

Using “smart” home automation, you will have access and control over your thermostat, lightning, and sometimes small devices in your home through remote access.

Many people use this service to shut down cooling and heating when there’s no one at home, or to start it an hour before returning back so they can enter in a comfortable home.

There are others who use it to turn on their lights before returning home, to avoid entering in dark home.  Another plus of this feature is that users can make it look as if they are home even when the home is empty.

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