Reviewing Funlux Wireless Wifi 720p Outdoor Security Camera

funlux outdoor wifi camera review

Quick Stats of Funlux Wireless Camera

Image Sensor: 720P Color CMOS
Image Resolution: 720P (1280×720), VGA (640×480), QVGA (320×240)
Lens: 3.6mm
Number of IR LEDs: 24
Night Vision: 80ft (25m)
Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux (IR On)
Operation Temperature: 14°F~122°F
Weatherproof: Yes
Power: 12V 1A DC

Package Includes:
* (1) 720P HD IP Network Camera
* (1) 12V 1A Power Adapter
* (1) 1M Network Cable
* (1) Quick User Guide

Remote Anytime / Anywhere Viewing

funlux outdoor wifi camera review

We’ll start this Funlux 720p HD wireless camera review by telling you that this is a smart camera, meaning that you can view what is going on at home remotely / wirelessly from your mobile device.

Smart cameras like this are all the rage these days, and for good reason – you can easily take control of your home’s security using a mobile device or laptop, installing multiple cameras to watch your home or business from multiple angles.

The Funlux 720p is one such camera, and they’ve done a great job with it.

On one hand, having the ability to watch what’s going on at home while you’re away is an amazing feature, and most buyers of this Funlux camera have no complaints about this camera’s ability to keep an eye on things, once it is installed (more on that in a minute).

funlux indoor outdoor security camera

However, you might like to think about getting a few of these to take the best advantage of this camera’s smart features.

Although having one Funlux outdoor camera installed and mounted is far better than having none installed, some homeowners opt for 2 or 3 cameras in order to get multiple angles of their home which they can check at the push of a button on their mobile device or laptop.

These home owners tend to have the best experience with this camera as it really is a camera that is meant to be part of a system of cameras guarding a larger property, although you can just have one stand alone outdoor camera, of course.

Read this Funlux camera review, and see if it meets your needs and budget.

Easy Setup / Installation

outdoor wifi camera reviews

While a few customers had a complaint or two about the installation of this camera being not-so-easy to install, the majority of users said that the opposite is actually the case, giving reviews stating just how quick and easy this outdoor security camera is to install.

This camera is meant to be easy to both install and mount, and it comes with a power cord, but the place you mount the camera must be no further than 4 feet from your power supply, as that is all the length you get from this cord.

You could always opt for a longer one though.

The Funlux App

funlux 720p wireless camera review

Some users complain about the app that comes free with the camera being rather clunky, and so you may want to get a different app if this one doesn’t suit your taste, which is simple enough to do.

Personally, we see nothing wrong with the app and although it isn’t flashy, it does the job.

Considering the relatively low price you can buy this camera for, we don’t see much reason to complain about the physical appearance of the camera or the smart features.  You may think we’re not being critical here, but really, for the price it has on Amazon, its hard to beat.

Funlux 720p outdoor wireless cam

On top of this camera being very affordable, you also get a 60-day return policy should anything not meet your needs, as well as a Free 2-Year Warranty, and Lifetime technical support.

These things only just add to the value of this camera, as it is clear that Funlux is making an effort to keep us customers happy.

Clear Daytime / Night Vision Picture

funlux night vision

Another of our favorite features of this camera is the high picture quality.  While it is anot a 1080p camera, we think that is reflected in the price and the image quality is still quite good.

Customers have mentioned that both daytime and night time gives them great image captures, allowing them to see what’s going on in and around their home at any hour of the day or night.

Again, this goes back to the value you get out of this camera, and the built-in hardware. You will find that its relatively uncommon for a camera at this price point to offer this type of picture quality, especially when it comes to night vision, where this camera offers up to 80 feet of night vision in complete dark using an IR-cut filter.

Recording / Notifications

wifi security camera reviews

Two more things we will mention here is the ability of the Funlux wireless wifi camera to record.  Because it is a smart camera, it has the capability to record footage and back it up for whenever you want to review it.  This is great for home and especially business purposes.

Typically, customers will set the camera to record only when the motion sensor is activated, which then sends an alert to your mobile device.

funlux camera indoor outdoor

So if something goes bump in the night around your home, not only will you see what’s going on, but you can record it in case its something besides a racoon digging through your garbage.

This feature comes in more handy when you’re a business owner, and you might not be anywhere near your business when something trips your motion sensor.

As we said before, in this day and age the security guard is now you so if and when you get an alert that something has set off your motion sensor outside of your business, at least now you can deal with the problem directly as you see fit.

Indoor / Outdoor Camera

indoors and outdoor camera funlux

Or maybe we should say outdoor / indoor camera, because the Funlux wireless wifi camera here is obviously built with outdoor purposes in mind, with a durable outer casing that is made to be weatherproof, with its all of its night vision abilities.

At the same time, this camera is pleasing enough to look at and compact enough that it could easily be used inside as well and wouldn’t draw a lot of comments along the lines of “Wow, that’s just plain ugly!”

It is adjustable, and color-wise it is quite neutral, you might say.  Design-wise, we would call this camera unobtrusive, as in, not exactly what you might call an eye-grabbing security camera but at the same time its very functional and practical.  Security cameras like the Funlux here aren’t meant to be overly attractive (we don’t think) – durability and functionality are much higher on the list for them.


At the end of the day, this camera can definitely make your home or business a more secure place.  For the price this camera goes for right now, is actually a pretty good deal – especially when you compare it to other outdoor camera prices, and consider that the Funlux here offers more or less the same capabilities as many of the higher priced models, and it is a smart camera to boot.  Definitely recommended!

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