Reviewing Amcrest ProHD IP2M-841 Wireless Security Camera

amcrest proHD package

In this review of the Amcrest ProHD Wireless Security Camera, we are setting out to assess whether this camera is good for home and / or commercial purposes, by looking at its pros and cons, and providing the user with a detailed review on all of its features.


  • HD 1080P
  • Record and Playback
  • Quick and easy wifi connection
  • Wide field of view
  • Pan and Tilt
  • Great night vision
  • Two way audio
  • 4 hours of free cloud storage
  • One year warranty

What’s in the Box?

First of all, we like to point out that the Amcrestamcrest proHD package company delivers this product in a very sturdy piece of packaging – a solid box with custom-fitted sections for everything that comes within the package, which would seem like something every home security camera company would with its packaging, but this is not always the case.

Inside the package, you receive: the camera itself, mounting hardware, a network cable, a 10 foot power supply, an instructional CD with a quick start guide, and, as we mentioned above – a 1 year guaranteed warranty.

Installation Of This Camera

Amcrest ProHD Wireless Security Camera Review

There are two ways to install this indoor camera, both of which shouldn’t be too difficult, even if you ara a non-tech person.

The first way is via a mobile device, and it’s quite simple.

First, you need to download and install the free Amcrest View App which is available on Android, iOS, and Kindle.

Then you should just scan the QR code that’s on the bottom of the camera, and that’s it!

From here on out, you’ll be able to see live video on you phone, tablet or computer.

The second method of installing the Amcrest camera is slightly more complicated, but overall, not too bad:

  • Plug the camera directly into the router
  • View the attached devices’ list from the router’s user interference
  • Look for your Amcrest camera’s serial number in the list and copy its local network IP adress
  • Type  http://<Camera IP> in a Browser to go to the user interface of the camera
  • Set a username and password
  • Expect a feed pane asking you to install a camera viewer plugin
  • Once you install the plug-in you should be able to see live video

High Quality Image and Two Way Audio

amcrest ProHD wide view reviewA high quality image is certainly something a customer would expect from a camera with 1920 x 1080p video quality at 30 frames per second.

Thanks to the Sony image sensor and Ambarella processor, this Amcrest indoor camera provides crisp image with vivid colors.

You’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on in your home while you’re away, or even if you’re there and you want to keep an eye on your baby sleeping or your kids playing in the nextamcrest remote viewing room.

Don’t forget that it’s a two-way audio camera since it has an embedded speaker and mic, so you’ll not only be able to see your family and keep an eye on their activities, but you’ll also be able to instantly and clearly hear and speak to them.

So this camera is quite multi-purpose in that for security purposes, it can protect your home while you’re away and catch potential intruders, and, at the same time, bring you closer to your family while you’re not around them.

Remote Pan and Tilt Functionality

amcrest wide field of viewThis Amcrest ProHD camera is a pan and tilt camera, which means you can rotate it up and down, left and right, using the arrows on the Amcrest View App.

So, although it has a 90 degree viewing angle, you’ll be able to see everything in the area where the camera is placed, since it can rotate 360 degrees.

Moreover, you can adjust the speed of the camera’s movement, which is fairly quiet.

The camera also has a digital zoom function, so the magnified image won’t have lower quality, but it’ll keep the 1080p resolution, and it’ll constantly sharpen your video since the lenses aren’t actually moving closer.

Night Vision Capabilities

night vision of amcrestThe Amcrest ProHD camera has 12 IR LED’s which give a crystal clear picture even in total darkness of up to 32 feet.

So you’ll be able to see everything clearly regardless if the lights are on or off during night. This is huge plus for an indoor camera.

You can even mount it on some place near the window and see what’s going on in your yard during night to make it function somewhat as an outdoor camera, although putting it outside would not be a good idea as it isn’t a weatherproof device.  Still, with the right positioning, it can do that job too.

Sophisticated Motion Detection System

There are many options for your camera which you can set on the Amcrest View App.

One of these options which most buyers take advantage of is the motion detection, by which you can set your camera recording and alerting you if some motion has been detected in the chosen detection area.

You can also adjust the sensitivity and threshold of the detected movement, to avoid recording of less important movement, such as bugs, tiny critters, and anything along those lines. This camera really has some sophisticated software when it comes to motion detection.

The sensitivity measures the camera’s ability to detect the speed of the moving object on the screen, while the threshold measures the size of onscreen object.

Storage Options

This camera can record to the Amcrest Cloud, which offers up to 4 hours free recorded storage.

You can either gain access to this Amcrest Cloud by logging in from your PC, or by using the Amcrest Cloud App on your phone where you can playback the recorded footage.

Your camera can also record to a MicroSD card of up to 64GB , although for better compatibility, you can use one of the following options: 32GB card, a NAS, an FTP server, your PC, or any Amcrest NVR which, just like the MicroSD, isn’t included in the package, but can also be purchased on Amazon at a reasonable price.

Overall Impressions of the Amcrest ProHD 

amcrest ProHD indoor cameraChoosing the right indoor camera for your home or requires spending some time figuring out which one best suits your specific needs and budget.

This Amcrest camera, when compared to other indoor cameras we have reviewed on this website, is definitely a good choice as some of its features are definitely superior to other similar cameras, such as the HD image quality, motion detection, and panning.

We highly recommend this as an indoor home security measure!  4.5 STARS

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