Zmodo Greet Video Doorbell Camera Review

Hello Stranger at the Door, Care to Chat?

Yes, You can talk to people at the front door through your phone via the Zmodo app

A few decades ago, the idea of a security video doorbell might have been a hard sell for home owners but right now the video doorbell is fast becoming a regular add-on in the homes of modern home owners. One company that has jumped on the bandwagon to provide this seemingly essential home gadget is Zmodo. Known for their other technologically eccentric home-video gadgets like the Zmodo Pivot and the Zmodo Beam, the Zmodo greet is the company’s own idea of what a video doorbell should function and look like.

The second generation Zmodo Greet brings to live a few needed functions like two-way audio initially absent from its initial design released in 2014. These features would be further highlighted as the article progresses. This review focuses on the pros and cons of the Greet, our own ratings on the appearance and design, features and functions, installation and ends with a conclusion. It might interest you to take a look at our other video doorbell review like the Ring doorbell and the Doorbird doorbell.

Let’s dive into the good and the bad

  • 720p HD video
  • Wide viewing Angle
  • Motion activated video recording
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Lowest cost doorbell cam coming in at $79.99
  • Two-way audio capability
  • 256 bit SSL security
  • Local storage available
  • Personalized voice message for when you don’t want to answer the door.
  • Cloud storage not yet available
  • Night vision range can be better


The design of the Zmodo Greet gets a good rating as it fully maximizes its size to offer both video and audio. More visually appealing than the initial Release, the newly released zmodo greet v2.0 has been redesigned from the inside out. though not available in numerous color schemes or design like the doorbird doorbell, the design of the greet is lighter and very attractive.

The Zmodo Greet comes with a shade of white and black. The black color taking up two-third of the front surface with the remaining one-third being white. The black portion houses the 720p HD camera and the motion detection sensor while the lower one third contains the audio compartment (speaker and mouth piece) and the bell. The back is entirely black. The Zmodo Greet is not battery powered, it requires connected to the wiring of the doorbell outlet for its functionality.


The Zmodo greet is packed with features some of which are lacking in other more expensive doorbells that we have reviewed. The motion sensor would automatically make and send a 30 seconds video when it detects someone at the door even if the person is yet to ring the bell. The free Zmodo greet app is available on both IOS and android devices and can be accessed from anywhere once connected.

Another interesting feature of the Zmodo Greet is its multiple user ability which means the video can be simultaneously accessed by more than one user at a time. The ability to prerecord voice messages when you are not available is an added advantage.

The Zmodo App – Available on Android and iOS

Other features of the Zmodo greet include:

  • IP 51 Weatherproof rating
  • Night vision up to 10 ft.
  • 155-degree wide viewing angle
  • 3 years’ warranty
  • Inbuilt 8GB storage
  • Integration options with other Zmodo home automation gadgets like the Zmodo beam.

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Getting it up and Running – Installation Review

Finishing touches on the Zmodo Greet

Needed:  Drill, kit, the product and the guide that comes with it.

Self-installation otherwise known as do it yourself is the installation mode available for the Zmodo Greet. Designed to be easily installed without any problem. The doorbell can be ready for use within 20 minutes from unboxing. It doesn’t require any advanced technical know-how. For people who require video tutorials, a couple of installation videos of the greet are available on YouTube.

Support – Do they care?

Strongly believing that a company without a support team for their product is a poor quality company, we give Zmodo a fair rating on the customer support available for the greet.

FAQ: there is a detailed FAQ for the greet with variety of questions that users or intending buyers may have.

Phone: zmodo support can be easily reached on phone on 217-903-5037. Available Monday- Friday 8am-8pm

Contact them by email at the following:

Tech Support: [email protected]

Sales Support: [email protected]

Ding Dong, I can See You.  Our Final thoughts on Zmodo Meet and Greet

The modern home continually seeks technological solutions that makes it easier to carry out basic activities like answering the door from anywhere in the world. Zmodo greet seems to meet this need convincingly. Although there’s room for improvement, the Zmodo greet is an ideal choice for a home video doorbell.

Will you be putting it on the front of your home?  Let us know your thoughts and any reviews you have of this product below.

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