Hikvision Security Cameras Reviews

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In an earlier review of the best CCTV cameras for your home and office, the Hikvision camera did not make the cut into our Top Ten Choice although they are a recognized manufacturer of quality security video surveillance equipment. This is an in-depth review of the top 5 Hikvision cameras and how they compare to the lot of security cameras available for installation in your home or office.

As you can tell, Hikvision has a lot of equipment to choose from and can be a complicated setup

Our review centers on the bestselling Hikvision cameras with the highest specifications.

The HIkvision cameras up for review are:

  • Hikvision DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5/I8
  • Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-A EL(W)
  • Hikvision DS-2TD2166-15(25 35)


 1. Hikvision DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS

The Hikvision DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS (crazy model number, we don’t expect you to remember this!) is an 8MP vari-focal network camera that is both weatherproof and vandal-resistant. It utilizes a unique compression modality to reduce bandwidth while maintaining high quality video fields. It has a wide angle coverage and an IR of up to 50m. it is perfect for outdoor use.

Out of the box specification
  • 1/2.5″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • 8-megapixel high resolution video
  • 3840 × [email protected]
  • 8 to 12 mm focal length
  • 265, H.265+, H.264+, H.264 codec
  • 120dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • IR range: up to 50 m
  • Support on-board storage, up to 128 GB
  • IP67 weather rating
  • 4K video resolution
  • Special features such as motion activated recording, intrusion detection object removal detection etc.
  • Face detection
  • Pricey
  • No two-way audio

2.  Hikvision DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5/I8

Hikvision designed the Hikvision DS-2CD2T85FWD-I5/I8 as a network bullet camera with an 8 MP video quality providing 4K video resolution. The Night vision is achieved by the use if EXIR IR bulbs for crisp video at night up to 80M.

Specification is similar with the two other security cameras reviewed thus far.

Specifications & features
  • Up to 8-megapixel high resolution
  • 3840 × [email protected]
  • 8 mm/4 mm/6 mm/8 mm/12 mm fixed lens, optional
  • 265, H.265+, H.264+, H.264
  • 120dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • IR range: up to 30 m
  • Support on-board storage, up to 128 GB
  • IP67 weather rating.
  • Sleek design
  • Weather proof
  • Large Storage Compatibility
  • Poor night vision depth
  • No inbuilt storage out of the box

3. Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-A EL(W)

The Hikvision DS-2DF8836IV-A EL(W) is a dome camera that is parked with lots of premium features. It offers 36 X optical zoom, true 4K Video resolution 8MP camera with an IR range off over 200M.  Coming in at a price tag of over $3000, it is one of the most expensive/high end security cameras available on the market.

  • 4K 8 Megapixel (4096 x 2160) Resolution
  • 36x Optical Zoom
  • 120 dB True WDR
  • Smart Suite Analytics
  • Smart Tracking
  • Smart Recording
  • 650 Feet (200 Meters) IR Range
  • Hi-Poe/24 VAC Power Supply
  • 3-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • IP 66 Weatherproof rating
  • Tilt and Zoom (240 °)
  • High zoom value
  • Good IR range
  • Weather Resistant
  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • True4K resolution
  • Pricey
  • No free storage out of the box
  • No 2-way Audio


4. Hikvision DS-2TD2166-15(25 35)

The Hikvision DS-2TD2166-15(25 35) is a thermal bullet camera that utilizes Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Detectors as an image sensor, it has a low image resolution and does not offer full HD video although its weather proof.

  • Maximum resolution:  640×512
  • 264 video compression
  • Support shutter adjustment in various modes 3D DNR,
  • 14 adjustable colors
  • Image detail enhancement
  • Support mirror image 15mm, 25mm and 35mm lens optional
  • 5 Smart detection ability: intrusion detection, line crossing detection, region entrance detection, region exiting detection, audio exception detection
  • High sensitive sensor
  • Smart recording
  • Poor video quality
  • No storage option
  • Night vision range unknown
  • Set up requires professional installation

5.  Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I

The Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I camera is also an 8MP camera that offers superior night vision wither outdoor or indoors up to 30M. It is an IP camera that is IP 67 weather proof rating. They boast about an onboard storage of up to 128GB.

  • 8-megapixel high resolution video
  • 2048×1536 @30fps
  • Ultra-low light Dark Fighter technology
  • 120dB Wide Dynamic Range
  • Support on-board storage, up to 128 GB
  • Smart Detection: Line Crossing, Intrusion, Object Removal, Unattended Baggage, Face Detection, Behavior Analysis
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • IR range: up to 30 m
  • 3-Axis Adjustment
  • IP67
  • Full HD video resolution
  • Smart features
  • Low lighting technology
  • Night vision penetration could be better at the same price
  • Can only buy this directly from China
  • Low quality and can break
  • No inbuilt storage

Recap on Hikvision Security Camera Systems

Demonstration on best places for security cameras on a home – image credit WikiHow

Hikvision has been providing security cameras since 2001, a Chinese company, Hikvision focuses on designing and manufacturing high resolution cameras that are innovative and durable. The above reviewed cameras are some of the best Hikvision cameras currently in use.

Let us know if you have used an Hikvision camera and your thoughts about them.

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