New D-Link home security cameras feature onboard AI review

D-Link will show fresh indoor and Wi-Fi outside home security cameras at CES next week which have enough local processing ability to differentiate people from objects and also to discover the sound of breaking glass. That capacity removes the need to send video into the cloud to perform that analysis. Eliminating the need to upload video that the cloud for processing, D-Link states, is going to result in quicker and more precise alarms.
The outdoor model, D-Link DCS-8302LH (above, right), is arguably the more interesting of the two new devices. Its onboard motion detector can activate either a siren and an onboard spotlight which should catch an intruder’s attention, causing them to reflexively present their face into the camera before they make a hasty retreat. If this doesn’t do the trick, you may use the camera’s two-way audio feature to holler at them.


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The indoor version, D-Link DCS-8526LH, is a pan/tilt apparatus that may offer a 360-degree perspective of a space and track people moving within it. Like the outdoor model, this one is effective at two-way audio. Both cameras have been described as”Total HD” models, implying that they deliver 1080p movie resolution. D-Link provides paid and free cloud-storage subscription services, but the newest cameras also have onboard microSD card slots capable of hosting cards up to 256GB of ability. What’s more, D-Link’s new cameras support ONVIF Profile S, for streaming video to a NAS box onto your own network–through either Wi-Fi or hardwired ethernet.
The outdoor DCS-8302LH will sell for $100 when it ships in the next quarter.
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